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...and it went for 100 bucks too. Man I kind of feel bad for not answering pm's in time haha would of rather seen a fellow SF member get it
Only one way to wear a scarf - Shirtless under a suit
i wonder if Margiela was a (late) Beatles fan And that feel when you find that awesome knit you have wanted for so long, but it is a size Small
Benes, I got a lot of flak for wearing my Margielas laceless too man, I might be the only person here that prefers them like that. But I usually wear cream pants with them and call it "tropical" [[SPOILER]] Edit...Well I guess me and RXS
Yeah guys I just purchased that belt from the corner. Wootx Margiela does a variation every season so far you just have to look out since they sell quicker than other items. Sometimes YOOX has random SS10 or 09 ones that are pretty great.Joachim closer pic of pants they are on today
Favorite Combo
Yeah man, I think it looks great. In my experience (I've only purchased these hidden bucket streamlined type belts) they all have great quality. The color is beautiful as well
Meanwhile in the rundown factory behind Auximenes
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority Trousers are in never worn condition. It has a small rip near the internal belt that can be easily stitched and reflects in the price Waist (Laid Flat): 16.5 inches Front Rise: 12 inches Back Rise: 15.5 inches Upper Thigh: 12 inches Knee: 9.5 inches Leg Opening: 8 inches
Speaking as someone who enjoys the clothing, I thought it was very Margiela that one of the most out there names in fashion apperantly is now associated with a brand that is faceless and wants to concentrate on the clothes themselves not who is behind themIt's one of those fuck it moves from Margiela that I have come to enjoy. I know fuckall about Galliano though, yet like I said in another thread...I'll comb through the offerings and buy my favorite pieces like usual
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