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Big Fan of Caribbean Stitch Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Chain Link Polo - Snake Belt - Tropical Virgin Wool Trousers - Double Leather Thingies
They had trouble finding me a pair, it looks like Mykita is phasing the black color out in the model I purchased. The Mykita website now let's you buy straight from them so that's what I did. The new model looks really nice too, but almost all of my sunglasses are square shapedOn another note, they have completely phased out the copper color in the essential line, kind of sucks since I thought that color was really nice. Had a lense break on my first pair (the model you...
Tropical virgin wool is the real mvp
The RAW Margiela X Mykita line is very nice, really happy with the feel and look
Yes...yes they are
Maison Martin Margiela - Cut Collar Polo Knit - Virgin Wool Trousers - Saint Laurent - Wyatt Tobacco Suede Cowboy Sidezips
Maison Martin Margiela- Coal Fused Virgin Wool Suit - Cream Silk Blend Shirt - Saint Laurent Wyatt Suede Sidezips
Maison Martin Margiela - Silk Closed Collar Polo Knit - Virgin Wool Trousers - Double Leather Derby/Blucher/Balmoral (Fuck I have no idea)
This suit makes my head hurt, but fuck I want it
That's one way to go laceless....
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