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Maison Martin Margiela Sherling 5Zip...sold out fast
I've never seen (on the older shoes Ive handled) the 10 circled or a stitched tag like that one. Shit man as a Margiela fan it would be interesting to find out. Maybe Synth stumbled on some conceptual model that belonged to Margiela himself who knows
Obviously it is not what you ordered and if it was real why would they need to attach a line 10 tag to it. Looks like trying to trick a less experienced buyer to me
Fake? I did not know Margiela was that recognizable to be knocked off...that sucks man From that pic they look real enough. Was a blatant knock off? What was off about it?
Love the color so far. Sometimes it looks silver, other times a metallic rose gold. Im the opposite man I wish it was more yellow to resemble actual gold
Maison Martin Margiela - Virgin Wool/Mohair Jacket - Collarless Polo Knit - Silk Blend Denim - Replica Argentine Military Boots - Cartier
This guy Synth buys too much Margiela
I looked at Vaja. Didn't pull the trigger on those because of the camera cut out shape and the silver plate with the brand name
Cassanova style....nah man I prefer Rico Suave style
I compared it to pics I found of the gold 5S in Tan leather casesI have a strong dislike of anything aluminum since my iP4 days dealing with an aluminum bumper from element case that killed my signal
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