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Cake batter/plaster GATS are one of my favorite purchases of the season
I came into SF with a pretty closed mind and I often did not have a filter for my thoughts. I was pretty much like the guy posting fits in sandals...Yeah I remember the days of getting into it with the homie Jet and Shah among others, very cringe worthy stuff to argue with words. I wouldn't say I'm respected I'm just part of the forum now. I think the idea that bothered me most is that I was constantly told I missed the best Margiela had to offer or I was buying shit made...
Maison Martin Margiela Cable Temple Sunglasses
I honestly did not think a polo would get much love haha. I purchased the white version as well as soon as it went on sale on FARFETCH but I beleive the black is sold out (nope they still have both...
Yeah, I'm huge
Haha I may wear all Margiela but I suscribe to the Rick Owens school of thought
Here it is on the white version so you can see it better. The polo is buttonless and instead has these chain linked buttons, mine is hanging there just above my phone
Maison Martin Margiela - Chain Link Polo - Cream Fused Pocket Trouser - Hidden Buckle Snake Belt - Replica 1950 Havana Sidezips
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