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Like Rais I am completely confused by the whole pokemon go craze. Back in 5th grade I was all about it and played Stadium on N64 and all that, but man is it weird seeing signs everywhere. Gone are the days that I had to hide cards in the back of checked out books at the ol elementary school library in order to trade for a halographic ninetails just cause it was shiny
Maison Martin Margiela - Hidden Placket Antonio Montana Shirt - Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica 50's Havana Sidezips
Hahaha I'm just following the Rico Suave Owens Diet fellas @gustavobradley So far no significant wear or anything falling off
Maison Martin Margiela - Fused Hidden Placket Dinner Shirt - Virgin Wool/Satin Blend Trousers - Replica Cake Batter Trainers (My Three Favorite Pieces of This Past Season)
Flan Inspiration Maison Martin Margiela - Tan Silk Knit - Cream Fused Trousers - Saint Laurent - Wyatt Tobacco Suede Cowboy Sidezips
Would wear those exact colors except with a thin silk knit and some tan boots or suede moccs
I dont spend $$$$ on my tropical wool trousers to have some peice of cotton between me and that breezeeee
Maison Martin Margiela - Reversed Crew Neck - Waffle Print Trousers - Replica Papaya Havana 1950's Sidezips
If that happens I might as well bust out some etnies and a Kerry Getz Habitat I have in a trash bag somewhere
Heres some inspiration. I dont knock any brands no matter how entry level because....well feast your eyes on circa 2009 all Lacoste Regis...Bottom button? You're welcome
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