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This is probably a question that I would get asked but has anyone touched/put on some of Margielas 'fine jewelry'? I know the Gold cuff goes for about what a Cartier one does which surprised me but the silver looks dope
My first thought was bizzaro Stitch. Nice fit
I'll give them a try. There is a jade one that caught my eye
You will like this Replica Knit. Very soft and comfortably oversized, one of my favorites
Maison Martin Margiela Rip Detail Knit Maison Martin Margiela "Leather Watch Bracelet"
Its happened a couple times....and unless my lady is in the pic the picture quality will suck
Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose 5Zip - Claudette Neck Shirt - Sea Blue Virgin Wool Tropical Trousers - Replica 70's Military Sidezips - Cartier
Where is the DLes thread about ugly shit I want to buy Really want these perforated in the lows
Have you notice pretty much every clear and nice picture includes my lady....I almost never take pictures by myself other than the iPhone pics hereImagine this guy decked out in Margiela [[SPOILER]] http://www.mod-3.com/shop/all-gold-6/They have other colorways
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