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Thanks fellas. I have been under the impression that you stay away from the flat felled inseam when you can. All my tailoring experience is from trouses though, never had jeans taken in
On that note how does one ask a tailor to taper pants with no outseam? Is that possible? I imagine they would have to remake the pant leg. I guess they could go in through the inseam?
Spring/Summer 1999 Sailor Trousers came in and got damn....these are the coolest Margiela I have ever seen and that says something haha @sipang I underestimated the leg opening....Full Popeye
I liked the conversation where we talked about how we piss better 3/10 would not read again
When it comes to peeing I'm partial to the "butters" myself
Youve heard of the Margiela experience the sidezip denim!
No problem my friend. They hold up pretty pair still look almost new. Have to wear them more
Maison Martin Margiela - F/W 2005 Stiched Shawl Jacket - Triple Placket Dinner Shirt - Snake Hidden Buckle Belt - S/S 2007 Tropical Wool Trousers w/ Slanted Belt Loops - Replica 50's Havana Cuban Heel Sidezips
What I could find:
Maison Martin Margiela - Spring/Summer 1999 Painted Denim Jacket - Sleeveless Hidden Placket Dinner Shirt - Sky Blue Tropical Wool Trousers - Replica 70's Military Sidezips
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