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I wish Jabo was Norwegian so I could say 'Cruise like a Norwegiannn' to that second fit. I dig it though, I would keep it exactly the same except for some linen pants instead of shorts
Mykita X Margiela once again is ace....really like the teardrop/aviator shape
Is it wool? I am pretty sure Ive handled pants with that fabric. If it is what I am thinking it is, it feels awesome
Fuck I want that shirt....It screams Regis please buy meI need more shirts like that for some middle ground between no shirt/knit under suit and thin almost transparent knit under suitAlso Mykita X Margiela blows Cutler & Gross x Margiela out of the water. Beautiful construction and light weight
Besides being somewhat of a fan of Margiela simple and boring do it for me plus the collection reminds of lookbooks of old Margiela that I never got the chance to experience (thats just me though) Am I the only Margiela fan around here to attempt wearing a suit without a shirt/knit?
Looks like I have to break out the balmorals, straw hat, guayabera, and of course a big ass cigar
The chocolate boots, trousers, shirts, knits, and suits are all on my list
Mannnnn Margiela SS16....my favorite since SS09 and 10
The fit seems very incongruent to my eyes, everything seems to match with something else not pictured. If that was the point of the fit then more power to you
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