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Really digging this look: I feel I need a more faded Margiela jacket, mine is too clean. Not necessarily db'd or wide lapels just less clean
Are these your Margiela boots and suit Benes? After a lot of trial and error I can tell you that (in my opinion) the casual suit look needs a T that is less sloppy and loose and more...is structured the word? Throw a less sloppy white T on that and you have the look that I use a lot
Yeah there are two versions. The longer one isnt for me
Maison Martin Margiela Virgin Wool/Mohair Trousers Maison Martin Margiela Insideout Shirt Maison Martin Margiela Textured Knit
Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose Knot - Tropical Virgin Wool Trousers - Saint Laurent Wyatt Cuban Heel Sidezips - Cartier X 2
That Margiela knit is awesome
It didn't come across that way at all, no worries, I understand your point. It would be hilariously awkward and in effect it wouldn't be me wearing Rick but the other way around. Still an interesting subject of posters attempting the opposite of their aesthetic, even for just shits and giggles
Ha Rick to me is the complete opposite of what my style is. I'd be willing to go bizzaro Regis and try it out at a boutique or something, bet I could pull it off if I had someone help me out since I don't know shit about Rick except "work out more wear less clothes"
I wouldn't personally wear many of the fits posted here, but I can step back and admire how a fellow poster dresses. I am sure the miami/margiela/tony montana look is not everyone I dig the Rick Owens aesthetic for instance. If things were different I might have gone full Rick
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