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You have no idea how literally I have taken this. Good to see another hot weather poster around
I recently just bought a pair of denim in a long time. I much prefer my virgin wool/silk trousers I've been wanting to copy this fit in my own way for a long time, I have all the pieces except the right pair of dark brown boots...those I can't find anywhere
Never seen that, pretty cool of him
Argentina is the only spanish speaking nation left, so I will probably go for them. My dad is a huge Boca Jrs fan so he has a lot of passion for the game....I did clown him though in 2010 when they lost to Germany (sorry Corazon de Leon)...and this is probably the saddest thing I've seen in sports in a long time
Hey hey, the guy said action shots right?
Fucking Around Orlebar Brown White Setters - Maison Martin Margiela Bracelet
Haha glad I inspired that and it doesn't have to be Margiela to look good man!I'm sure you can do my exact fit with all kinds of less expensive brands
Thanks fellas I rarely to never venture away from Margiela but I might need another pair of these Wyatt boots. The heel and toe shape have really worked out for me not to mention they are very comfortable. I'm kind of sad I didn't buy those Jodhpur ones now
Coincidentally she prefers the floral or colorful prints those are the "So Kates" model I think. I really only browse with her to say either "those look nice" or try to answer the trick question of "which one of these looks better"
Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Suede Elbow Thin Knit - Sky Blue Dyed Denim - Saint Laurent Wyatt Suede Sidezips - Cartier
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