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Maison Martin Margiela Cupro Zip Layered Shirt Edit: Maison Martin Margiela Stitched Mohair/Virgin Wool Trousers Edit 2: Maison Martin Margiela Wool/Silk Camel Trousers w/ Belt
Hmmm how would I get Frank to go full Margiela..
Thats exaclty how I want to wear it...3-4 buttons undone and zipper almost all the way down
For him? def Cohiba but Behikes from Pinar del Rio
Finally got PopsDB9 in Full Margiela..Complete with Pose and Florescent Brogued Sidezips
If you squint hard enough you can see Jesus center left
Agreed, I often browse the sites that sell Margiela so when I see something on Yoox I know I've seen it in other places with a much better presentation.....but on the other hand it also allows me to pick up pieces people skip over at a great price.I mean take this knit for example....$80 and it is not something out of this world but buttery soft and the details are right uo my alley. I saw it on Farfetch a while back and always though it looked cool
I can't decide if I absolutely love or hate this jacket, the cut though is magnificent
I'm sure you know about this then?
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