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Update on Purchase: Dayum, my love affair with Cartier continues. Packaging alone was on another level. I think these are the best sunglasses I've ever handled....pretty much just done with sunglasses now Creed Atomizer in Camel
Great customer service but I had no idea Cartier will not under any circumstances give out tracking info on online orders (for security reasons they say). I don't think Ive ever experienced this even on my most expensive purchases which were suits and UPS just laid them by my door like always...
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority Worn about 3 times. In 10/10 Condition.
LN-CC used to be my go-to for Margiela (Now its Oki-Ni) Once they didn't stock Margiela anymore I just never went back haha
Man I just can't get the idea of wearing it with my navy viscose knit, some navy wool trousers and my midnight boots. The good news is it's stocked in a lot of places so I don't have to rush into buying it
Man, thats the part I really like, because it is basically an inside out suit jacket
Im sure its not the case with the fine people of SF, but in my experience (families) they are just glorified praise and gossip sites. Don't need any potential headaches from that hahaOn a fashion note, Margiela took down the gray suit I wanted front their site. No explanation so farReally want an electric blue wool jacket, but I am thunking of killing to birds with one stone and going with the reversed reversible jacket in this color instead do of navy
Early B-Day present. I am told there is nowhere to go from here in terms of quality. Fingers crossed they fit Cartier Premiere Collection Sunglasses
Proud to say Ive never had a Facebook/Twitter/IG/etc. account.....hell the only site I upload any kind of personal pics to is this one
Closest thing I could do for this challenge
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