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I just have two at the moment the Cartiers (best lenses) and the Margielas (light and comfortable)
Man walking around with my Margielas I realized just how comfortable and light they are. They make my other frame feel bulky and heavy by comparison. The Pelles are in the lite collection so I'm told they feel very much like the Margielas
Everything is "Part II" now....I've almost posted in the wrong place twice now
My Uniform (Copied Fit #15) Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose Knit - Virgin Wool Ivory Blue Trousers - Hidden Buckle Belt - Replica Military Cuban Heels - Cartier X 2
Stanley Van CubanHeelBoots Maison Martin Margiela Silk Knit (Been eyeing this one for a while) Mykita Pelle in Silver and Blue Neophan (Months wait commences) Going to give S+arcktrip X Kelsey luggage a try
Man, are bad reviews overblown with Rimowa? I mean in your experience is yours holding up well? Everywhere I go the general census us don't check in your rimowaI keep seeing these and I think twice (the pics are infact the topas stealth). With supposedly minimal use:
I have to admit that baller luggage was never my taste unless it is Margiela but even then it is peanuts next to other names....and sadly I cant just carry everything in my Margiela weekend bag. I have been looking for some nice and sleek luggage with no fuss..I mean no brand name, no patterns, just clean So far the cleanest I have found is the Starcktrip (pretty nice price too) Any of you SF gents out there know of some clean looking luggage I could look into?
Mad Max...wow, I might be able to say right now in May that this will be my favorite movie of the year. If it is available to you, I highly recommend IMAX 3D. Only wish Mel would of had some sort of cameo
Lets just say I love me some Astons and Jaguars. Both are going in different directions style wise now so I'm not too sure about my loyalties anymore haha
^ Thanks man
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