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Have we ever done one of those "explain what your user name means" derails?
Maison Martin Margiela...Maison MarTin Marjiealaa. Just rolls off the tongue
Without Question My Favorite Knit Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Knit - OverDyed Sky Blue Denim - Saint Laurent Wyatt Sidezips - Cartier Details
I used to hate being an only child....then I reaped all the benefits
Price Includes Shipping Via USPS Priority (International or Domestic) I have these same boots in 45 and they are honestly one of my favorites. This pair in size 44 (11) belonged to my dad who wore them a total of 3 times. They do not have scuffs, smudges, scratches, odors, etc. They have been in their box for a while now Looking to sell quick so let me know about any offers
Yeah man, always around St. Thomas/Johns love the place. Especially now in August when I can get all the mamoncillos I want
Got Dem LifestylesMaison Martin Margiela - Silk/Virgin Wool Suit - Winged Hidden Placket Shirt - Metallic Midnight SidezipsOrlebar Brown - Navy Adam Polo Shirt - White Setters MamoncillosExtras [[SPOILER]]
I dig their net head cloak thing. Apparently it is to break up the silhouette of the head and shoulders
Haha thanks for clarifying, I knew it wasn't an official uniform or anything. I was reading an article about the military uniforms of different countries and the Danish, Mexicans along with Iran have some pretty bad ass ones too
My madre patria Spains military uniforms Who designed this shit? I'd wear it though
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