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Thanks Occulta, do you of any place that might have that in white? Ahhh, thanks Baron. I actually just emailed them about that and I am also not clear on if they are adjustable or fitted
Thanks manIt's like I search for about two hours and asking a simple question here gets me I am looking for in under 5 minutes haha, thanks
Any of my fellow SF bros have a recommendation for a plain/minimalist linen hat (baseball preferred)? Need something to wear after pool or beach activities. Yes I've checked Margiela, no dice
Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Viscose Knit - Cream Sealed Pocket Trousers - Saint Laurent Cropped Suede Wyatts
Can't wear laceless bros, the shoe will slide off and bounce on my heel flip-flop style. The paster gets in the way of the the tongue staying down and pops out while I walk. No worries though I checked out my favorite Margiela seasons and the vast majority were wearing laces with the trainers hahaWould if I could though. I have to embrace the laces....small price to pay to wear these trainersCould of just quoted you man. Thanks bro
Maison Martin Margiela - Wool/Mohair Suit - Paneled Shirt - Plastered Cake Batter Trainers
Maison Martin Margiela X Mykita Raw Sunglasses
Finally got my hands on the Mykita Atka in Cocoa/Gold....Cruise frames acquired. Their Lite collection is very similar to the what they do in the Margiela Collab
The thought of having to dry clean is exactly what stopped me before. Then I thought wait I am spending all this time and money to pick out trousers I like why the fuck do they sit in my closet unused for fear of having to clean them? What the fuck have I been thinking haha
I really want to go full trousers and no more denim (not that I have many anyways). The feel of virgin wool.....cant beat it
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