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Chichi Get the Yayo Maison Martin Margiela - Hidden Placket Winged SS Dinner Shirt - Virgin Wool Sky Blue Trousers - Replica Tan Argentine Military Sidezips - Cartier
As far as online: Oki-Ni, SSENSE, FARFETCH, and Barneys. Barneys in particular will go to great lengths to get any one item I want. I pretty much have all the stockists bookmarked and check them regularly
Maison Martin Margiela - Replica 1905 Light Wool Fishermans Knit - Overdyed Sky Denim - Saint Laurent Suede Wyatt Sidezips - Cartier Inspiration (Need Mythical Cream Sidezips) [[SPOILER]]
If Rais and Spacedope want to start some sort of intergalactic bounty hunter league.....I'd like to throw in my name as the 'soft-spoken ladies man with a rough exterior but a heart of gold'
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority Full 50ml Creed Windsor in its Atomizer. Purchased from Perfumedcourt for $899 http://theperfumedcourt.com/Products/Creed-Windsor---Limited-Editon-2010---50-ML-Creed-Leather-Atomizer__CREEDWINDSOR50.aspx
Spacedopeā„¢ Very Refreshing Style My Friend, keep It UpMaison Martin Margiela - Navy Virgin Wool/Mohair Jacket - Electric Blue Reverse CrewNeck T - Gray Stripped Dinner Trousers - Tan Argentine Military Replica Sidezips - CartierInspirations: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah the antennas on the back are not very aesthetic. I was hoping for something like this
Applecare is my case. Never understood the point of protecting it like a baby so the next person can enjoy the phone? Fuck that haha naked all the way Einstein....you got the Gold? Which size did you end up getting?
Went with the 6 (4.7inch). My 5 is 4 inches and fits perfectly in my hand, so 4.7 is as big as I am willing to go. I think the 5.5 looks kind of goofy in my opinion like having an iPad mini next to your ear. Of course the 6+ is the most popular and has October ship datesI can't imagine a 5.5 inch phone in my wool trousers or jeans. Might look like I am smuggling a license plate haha
Apple fucked up. The app was a smooth process though, took me about 15 min Gonna be a lot of panties rustled tomorrow today from what I can read
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