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Have you notice pretty much every clear and nice picture includes my lady....I almost never take pictures by myself other than the iPhone pics hereImagine this guy decked out in Margiela [[SPOILER]] http://www.mod-3.com/shop/all-gold-6/They have other colorways
For The Homie Brad Maison Martin Margiela - Replica 1905 Fishermans Oversized Knit - Sky Blue Denim - Replica 70's Military Sidezips - Cartier
Googled it with "waywt" and found their thread clicked to the last replies and was greeted by "normcore and dad core belong on styleforum" with the following reply saying the poster visited SF and left depressed for some reason Seems like a forum I would not visit
Surprisingly I dont know what the hell SZ is about yet. Going to see for myself..
I don't know what rules of suiting i just broke man but feels good
Man I love the shit out of this. Does it some in Blue, Cream/White and or any solid color?
Maison Martin Margiela - Virgin Wool/Mohair Marble Suit - Light Wool Ruched Sides Knit - Saint Laurent Wyatt Sidezips - Cartier
Somebody at Margiela is trying to call me out
Benes come over to Margiela side with your boy Regis man. Always go laceless btw
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