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Next to my wool 5Zip the viscose is definitely my favorite piece of outerwear....and one of the few I can get away with down here for about two weeks. Dig the way you styled it too, I also wear mine with a shirt and wool trousers
Heyyyy I recognize that 5Zip Maison Martin Margiela - Navy Viscose Knit - Frost Gray Virgin Wool Trousers - Saint Laurent Wyatt Cuban Heel Sidezip - Cartier X 2
Hahaha thanks/I'm sorry, NN. The only thing I regret about my tropical climate living is that I can't expand into the dope Margiela outerwear I see every season. I still want to grow a beard and do the Caribbean pirate going to dinner...which is my GOAT Margiela fit
I was in and around St. Martin/St. Barts but had no time to take the ferry to Anguilla. I heard great things about meads bay
St. Lucia is very beautiful if you ever get the chance I recommend it....what is really cool about that room is that it has no fourth wallLux beach bummin is the way to go my friend (well for some of us haha)
Jade Mountain in St. Lucia. C'mon man if I'm posting it you know its in the Caribbean
Colors are bit washed out, but very similar to my inspiration in the fleshMaison Martin Margiela - Stitched Collar Shirt - Cream Overdyed Denim - Saint Laurent Wyatt Cuban Heel Boots - Cartier X 2Inspiration [[SPOILER]]
Would not surprise me. My grandfather grew up a campesino (farmer) and he loves the shape of the boots I wear, says it reminds him of old times
Mountains rising out of the ocean you say?
Not ashamed to say I was doing the 2 lacoste polo flipped collar thing my freshman year of HS...looking down on the hollister/A&F kids and shit....man o man
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