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The most Margiela I could get in Summer Maison Martin Margiela - Winged Hidden Placket SS Dinner Shirt - Sky Blue Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica 70's Military Sidezips - Naked Lens Sunglasses (No Vis)
Thanks for the reply, would it help conceal a scratch like this on the frame?
A quick google search echoes what you just said. Looks like I am SOL. Edit: Maybe I can take a page put of the ol' Margiela playbook and have a tailor copy this design seems plausible..
It actually fits me a bit loose if you can believe it haha. The zipper just does that for some reason
Hmm good point. My main problem is the zip is not concealed when zipped up so I get this half zipper half lighter color fabric showing. Maybe replace with a better zip?
How hard would it be to convert a zip fly into a button fly? I have these Margiela jeans I love but the bastards have gone full zip up on everything now. I have an excess of extra metal buttons that came with other jeans so is it as simple as taking it to the tailors?
What would be the most ideal way of removing a ligth scratch from acetate frames (not lenses)?
Finally! grail sunglasses aquired.I was pretty mad that I missed these back in 2012
Maison Martin Margila Profile Watch Barcelet Silk/Cupro Shirt
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