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Maison Martin Margiela - Virgin Wool/Mohair Jacket - Double Layer Velvet Touch Shirt - Compass Denim - Saint Laurent Tobacco Suede Sidezips - Cartier
Replace jeans with virgin wool and thats me all day
Benes, don't you have dark blue Margiela Sidezips? Those would of been perfect there
Haha I can see it now that you've pointed out. I guess the viscose gives off that impression with my modest pics
What is 'cel shade'?
Maison Martin Margiela - Navy Viscose Knit - Electric Blue Virgin Wool Trousers - Saint Laurent Cuban Heel Sidezips - Cartier
That suit is prime for a cream turtle neck (weather permitting) and chocolate boots
The patches and the neck embroider thing are what made me buy it man
Maison Martin Margiela - Silk Light Knit - Virgin Wool Trousers - Gunmetal ID Bracelet - Saint Laurent Cuban Heel Sidezips
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