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Does she keep pressing A really fast the whole time?
I don't know what the fuck is going on but this.....and only this: Oddjob in automatic weapons mode.....who want it Goddamit
Price Includes Shipping Via USPS Priority Never Worn in 10/10 Condition. No Marks, Stains, Smells, Rips etc. It Is Too Small For Me. Pit To Pit (Laid Flat) = 21 inches Over All Length = 27 inches Sleeve (From Shoulder) = 25 inches
I hate the Giants (from a Braves fan). Yet I am very happy to see Tim Hudson finally get his....the Braves with the management they have in place were not going to give him a WS ring thats for sure. Hey and Mr .184 batting average himself Dan Uggla gets his ring too
They are on display at a boutique in Singapore actuallyThey take something like 20 hours to make by hand so yes the price will be up there. I don't think you will ever see one of them for sale on eBay or something like that
Its not like its a bad thing. I mean this years hot item is the sexy ebola hazmat suit
You have to pimp it a little with some vintage gold Cazals, gold rings, and of course a cigar
I am not the biggest fan of the "Halloween Party" and usually I don't really dig costumes and all that but man I am digging this Top Gun costume....nice detailsPlus I can say I have the need....the need for speed all night . I don't have the heart to tell my lady Goose dies at the end though since I am Maverick [[SPOILER]] If it were up to me I'd wear what I usually wear and call my self "Cuban Cartel Boss"
They are actually described as "Cork Leather"In my experience, sizing is true to your usual size
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