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Will probably replace metal buttons with MOP Margiela ones
The Maison is going to have to bring the hotel to me cause I hate flyingUnderpants? Is that a trick question?
Sounds interesting
For people like me who know 0 about what TOJ even is, this thread is the only place that brought up its existence... Always seemed sketchy to me for some reason, I would of never given them any of my $$$ but I will say I skimmed the thread and it is gold...pure gold entertainment wise
Whoa very nice Maison Martin Margiela drops on YOOX...especially for someone like me looking for basic prices to augment a collection Virgin Wool Blend Jeans (I have never seen a virgin wool blend...for a nice price too) Medium Weight Knit Whoever snipped this Wool 5Zip.....I'll fight you for it
Ever since I "upgraded" to Yosemite this site has been very slow for me. I don't know what it is going on but I have to wait up to a minute for pages to load
Welp wasn't completely in love with the Petrol Blue color was a bit off....Next up Crinkled Lamb in Led which I really like from the photos Maison Martin Margiela
For the watch bros: Stumbled across this from a fellow member.....What is this a Tank LC? looks very nice next to a love
Maison Martin Margiela - Replica 1872 Fishermans Semi-Transperant Underwear Wool/Alpaca Knit - Waffle Trousers - Replica Argentine Military Sidezips - Cartier
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