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Maison Martin Margiela - Replica 1872 Fishermans Semi-Transperant Underwear Wool/Alpaca Knit - Waffle Trousers - Replica Argentine Military Sidezips - Cartier
Simple Palm Beach Fit Maison Martin Margiela - SemiUneck Shirt - Tropical Virgin Wool Waffle Trousers - Saint Laurent Wyatt Sidezips - Cartier
175K Punching Bag?
I pick my nights. Around here we are about to get 73-75 degrees and thats enough for me to break out knits. I pick them very carefully, this one in particular if you look closely at the pic is very airy I mean I get a breeze and it is like a cooling effect. You couple that up with a low v-neck line, the rolled up sleeves, and not wandering too far inland away from the ocean.....it is honestly as conformable as a t-shirt
Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Argyle Knit - Cream Silk Blend Denim - Saint Laurent Wyatt Suede Sidezips - Cartier
Price Includes Shipping Via USPS Priority I just purchased the Credit Card case in this exact color and prefer the slimness of that one so I am selling this one. It has been moderately used no rips, tears, stains etc. It is in 9/10 condition Comes with Original Box
Could not find the customs thread, but I though one of you gents could answer a simple question for me I want to order an item from Spence Clothing....I could swear I heard they hit you with high customs and won't take off VAT. My problem is the item I want is around 1K.....what am I looking at here $300 in customs/fees?
Maison Martin Margiela - Virgin Wool/Mohair Suit - Claudette Neck Embroidered Shirt - Replica Argentine Milotary Sidezips - Cartier [[SPOILER]]
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority Brand New. No Marks, Stains or Rips on the Leather
What the fuck just happened? Nice to see a good fit though. Very Léon the Professional but without coming off as a costume, I dig it
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