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@Rais This is my most Margielaist of Sleaze. Melon de Jello Reppin' that one Brand Life
Took Advantage of "Colder" Weather Maison Martin Margiela - Oversized Stitched Cowl Knit - Cream Paint Splatter Denim - Replica Cake Batter Trainers
Yeah man anything with fur is jus too much for my enviorment. I will say though that the jacket looks beautiful would buy and wear if I lived somewhere colderOn that note "winter" has come early to Palm Beach....60 degrees incoming this weekend, time to break out the light knits
Any fellow Margiela enthusiasts out there these new painted jeans are hard as fuck on the outside, but the inside is buttery soft and stretches like crazy....it is actually very comfortable
Just found the painted edges denim hiding out in the ol bay. Need to get more trousers and knits now
Oh yeah man the new and upcoming seasons have very little that I am interested in. I hope they take a more wearable direction in future seasons. I always say that I love Margiela because it is completely wearable with a dash of really cool details you would never think ofI think the main thing about buying from one label is the ease of shopping...I have places bookmarked and I check them out from time to time..that simple. Sizing for instance is something I never worry...
Sometimes you just have to walk around shirt open grabbing life by the pussy
Those are being pased down to my great grand children!
You got it man
Thanks bro, you know I appreciate any of your inputs (steering me towards the SLP suede boots for instance haha)I'm actually finding a lot of the stuff brand new with tags. I wish I was going full Margiela back in 2010....all that creamI've found this knit a couple times but either 2 sizes too small or too big @ghdvfddzgzdzg took a fit in one and verified its awesomenessIf I could find this version in cream, it would be one of my most grail of grailsFound these Floral...
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