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Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose Knit - Snake Hidden Buckle Belt - Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica 50's Cuban....Cuban Heeled Chocolate Sidezips - Cartier
Combining my two favorite things - Margiela and the Tropics....not as nice as I would of though
Love the color of those but I really dislike the bulbousness of the toe area. I was so glad to see Margiela do a more slimmer toe ala Saint Laurent.....since I would rather buy Margiela. Next seasons are looking really nice too with a more pointed toe but no idea if they are Cuba heel or not
Boots just dropped at Totokaelo
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority Polo is in 10/10 condition. It is a steel gray color. Laid Flat Chest: 21 inches Sleeve (From Shoulder): 9.8 inches Overall Length: 31 inches
Price Includes Shipping via USPS Priority These are in Brand New Condition, Never Worn. I got them for my dad but he is more of a boot guy.
Well I just texted my lady and the reply was "ANOTHER PAIR OF BOOTS?"They have the Regis seal of dopeness. Right now I've only seen them on Oki-Ni but searching around they should show up soon on Totokaelo, Saks5th, and maybe the E-Boutique since they have a silver one for sale
Fuck Replica Margiela Sidezips are butter. With the VAT deduction and 10% I basically got both pairs at a great discount...thanks Oki-Ni Best Part: Now I have to get my hands on all the colors available haha known as Cuban heels all over the world and in Cuba....Hollywood heels. I'll never get that
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Thinking about these Maison Martin Margiela Wool/Silk Trousers for Cream or Rust Combo with Chocolate Sidezips
Yeah man I can see that. I'm waiting on some painted white Margiela moccs at the momen that could work (love me some boots though)...not a fan of chucks or vans. I really like the way Margiela tends to match the top and bottom and then bam the footwear stands out. The trousers came out a bit black in the pic but thats what I go for
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