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Maison Martin Margiela - Short Sleeve Winged Hidden Placket Dinner Shirt - Spring Summer 2006 Belted Virigin Wool/Silk Trousers - Replica 1950's Havana Cuban Heel Boots in Papaya
Love the size of the collar, kind of wish I wore a suit with it now Man I have no idea how to wear this amalgam knit shirt....kind of seems too cool for my usual top, pants, boots combo
No Real Thought Behind this Fit, just Wanted to Wear this Maison Martin Margiela Hand Painted Shirt from 2001 I Just Recieved Maison Martin Margiela - Hand Painted Shirt - Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica Sidezips
https://www.loupeon.comFreindly reminder: I have dibs on everything Margiela size 48 and or M, L, XL top
Like I said a month back, that SS10 Margiela Knit only ever shows up in size S....where the fuck are the L's hell I'd take an M at this point
I'd like to see that fit untucked with some green or light tan suede boots
[[SPOILER]] If you could find me a pair of slim Margiela flared bottoms I would be eternally greateful
I've always wanted a pair of chelsea boots....migth as well make the first one memorable right? They were part of the Margiela FW15 runway looks and I was just biding my time until they were in "yeah give them a chance" range
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