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My favorite Margiela seasons and the ones that made a huge fan (S/S09 and S/S10) did a lot of cream and gray in colors that were very similar to each other but barely noticeable, this is what I was going for. I purposely wanted the colors as close as possible. Like this but in blue
Maison Martin Margiela - Silk Collard Knit - Virgin Wool Ivory Blue Trousers - Metallic Midnight Sidezips - Cartier
Thats the other 5%Unless Margiela starts doing painted swimwear
HahaI look into my closet right now and the only item I have that are not Margiela are a pair of Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots. My knits, shirts, trousers, main sidezips, jackets, polos. travel bags, weekend bags, cologne....you name it are all from the Maison. I would say it is 95% of all the wears I ownI'm one of those people that eats the same lunch for four plus years, I just like what I like and don't really want to change and while I am sure there is better stuff out...
No Suit Today Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Viscose Knit - Sky Blue Virgin Wool Trousers - Replica Argentine Military Boots - Cartier
Yes, you should be a 41I do 45 on the Sidezips and GATS. 44 on everything else
Just for closure: I thank you guys for your recommendations but truth is I am not interested in anything else. I've always been honest enough to say the last thing I care about when it comes to Margiela is the quality. I may try on these finer suits and not like them at all or what I expect is the case I will say "eh this doesn't feel that different". I don't need suits and I hope I never have to wear one, you guys can keep the better quality and all that I'll stick to...
Yeah man big fan of the elbow patch knits, I have the red turtle neck and a cream v neck, I just need a deep jade one and I am goodI do
BalmoralBroguesOxfordsBluchersDerbyChurch ShoesStacy AdamsI can't keep track of this shit!!
Maison Martin Margiela Brogues Hidden Button Polo Electric Blue Jacket
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