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If you don't mind me saying, bro, I'd tuck in the shirt and unbutton a couple of buttons...maybe roll up the sleeves. I think it would take the fit from just got out of the office to...fuck to office. A darker pair of shoes/boots would also be great thereI've found that with trousers shirts looks better tucked in at least with the clothing I'm used to wearing
is that the new CCP/Blair Witch collab?
@WBaker Good stuff right there From what I've read Martins mother loved to construct furniture from discarded pieces of what used to be runs in the family it seems. Also, I believe he and Jenny painted everything white because white would cover up all the imperfections of the furniture they would pick up from anywhere to create an environment that was all white but completely different in style.
When a zombie apocalypse starts, Synth doesn't try to survive. The zombies doBig foot claims he saw SynthSynth once threw a grenade and killed 50 people, then it explodedThere once was a street called Synth, but the name was changed for public safety because nobody crosses Synth and livesWhen Synth was born he drove his mom home from the hospital
I heard Synth held off the siege of Kobani by himself
Maison Martin Margiela - Replica French Driving Aviators (No Vis) - Overdyed Denim Jacket - Sleeveless Hidden Placket Dinner Jacket - Pale Blue Wool Trousers - Golden Tan Moccs
I was born in the same province as him (Santiago). My grandpa and father are still big fans...Never thought I'd see a BVSC reference here on SF
@wide Buena Vista Social Club fan?
From what I can find online it is real cork, but I'll have to see it in the flesh. Could be treated leather or cotton and vinyl
It's funny my unofficial mantra with my family is 'if I have to wear a knit or outerwear then I am not on vacation.' I come from a family of Cuban immigrants who could not leave communist Cuba all their lives so now they want to get out into the world and travel to all corners while I just want to sail around the Caribbean relaxing on some beach somewhere. In my humble opinion, I can enjoy most of the worlds fares right here in the climate I love. I get a couple of weeks...
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