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I compared it to pics I found of the gold 5S in Tan leather casesI have a strong dislike of anything aluminum since my iP4 days dealing with an aluminum bumper from element case that killed my signal
I dig the color more than anything. It looks very close to my Valextra Havana accessories. Would of been second guessing myself if I didn't even try it out and it sold out. I only buy new stuff like this if there are good return optionsEffeminate? I have a gold and white phone homie, thats the last thing I care about haha
Calypso Case Cabrio. Only problem is waiting the 3-4 weeks for it to be made. They say "only 500" will be made in each color for that "exclusivity" schtick but so far it is the nicest case Ive seen
Complete with the Venezuelan flag haha. Even in S. Florida I'm afraid to put a Cuban flag on my jag just in case someone hates Cubans
Well now I look stupid for saying I don't buy iPhone case....but just look at the thing Going to like nicceee with the gold
No lines, not hassles. Glad I went with the gold, a thing of beauty
Chichi Get the Yayo Maison Martin Margiela - Hidden Placket Winged SS Dinner Shirt - Virgin Wool Sky Blue Trousers - Replica Tan Argentine Military Sidezips - Cartier
As far as online: Oki-Ni, SSENSE, FARFETCH, and Barneys. Barneys in particular will go to great lengths to get any one item I want. I pretty much have all the stockists bookmarked and check them regularly
Maison Martin Margiela - Replica 1905 Light Wool Fishermans Knit - Overdyed Sky Denim - Saint Laurent Suede Wyatt Sidezips - Cartier Inspiration (Need Mythical Cream Sidezips) [[SPOILER]]
If Rais and Spacedope want to start some sort of intergalactic bounty hunter league.....I'd like to throw in my name as the 'soft-spoken ladies man with a rough exterior but a heart of gold'
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