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Looking at the Recent Purchase comments I have to admit that I often think about going full out Tom Ford....at the end of the day though Margiela was the right choice
Maison Martin Margiela - Cream Argyle Deep V Knit (Second Only To My Viscose Knits In Awesomeness) - Sky Blue Virgin Tropical Wool Trousers - Saint Laurent Suede Wyatt Cuban Heel Sidezips - Cartier
Hahahaha if that is the case then I withdrawal my comments and purchase
I'm also receiving some lady who will roll around in the cologne before I put it on. Tom Ford knows how to sell some juice man
Recently rediscovered my love for this scent
I welcome all challengers
Maison Martin Margiela - Wool Slub Deep Neck Knit - Virgin Wool Trousers - Saint Laurent Wyatt Cuban Heel Sidezips - Cartier
I have a scar on my face. Chicks dig scars man
UPS is telling me that I will be SOL until Wednesday at the earliest (my item is coming from NJ). I often joke about caribbean vs. cold place but that blizzard looks like no joke. I hope everyone stays safeI also have a pair of denim that was "damaged" in transit by UPS... I still haven't received it going on 3 weeks now. I suspect the only thing I will get is a refund
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