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Oh I realize my hypocrisy since I eat meat (cows are treated much worse) and generally laugh at those naked PETA ads and what not, but man it was hard to see the video. I can understand if a dog is put down humanely why waste the pelt when there is apparent market but....If you can skip past all the don't wear leather pc stuff, the way the dogs are taken out is what got to me [[SPOILER]]
Man that is a kiddie video compared to the one I saw. At least the lady didn't take a bat to the cats head to get the fur
Just saw that graphic youtube video on "dog leather" I had no idea dogs were used in leather gloves, shoes, belts etc As a dog lover I was not prepared for that
Haha yeah I'm like that food critic in ratatouille....nothing, no matter how fancy beats what I was fed by my grandma. Can't find anything close to her but I have found some great places. You guys are pretty close: maduros, white rice, black beans with either higado or fish I think im the the only Cuban in world who dislikes pork
I'm that guy that orders the same lunch for five years
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The second I stopped measuring dicks with everyone that disagreed with me and accepted that everyone has their own style and their own opinion of it.....this place became a million times more enjoyable for me
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