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Got Dayum^
Replica 1950's Havana, Cuba Tuxedo Boots (Sup Art)
Those Havana Replicas are great I am also thinking about getting them in black cause my brown ones are so comfortable
Maison Martin Margiela Navy Wool Reversible Bomber
Is that from Spence? I saw that you tagged me a while back about their Margiela sale. It's sucks but expect some shipping fees and their returns process is a pain in the ass (month long ordeal for me).
I'm digging the virgin wool/silk combo at the moment and all the Margiela silk knits I've handled have slim arms (Unless I size up two sizes). Thats what I go for though slim in the arms and somewhat relaxed around the body....I'm in the slim for life minority manI will say though that I'm going to have start cutting back on the Rick Owens school of though
Price Includes Shipping via USPS This bracelet is in 10/10 condition. Comes with box and all extras. Details and size in pics.
I think we can all rejoice now No need to grow a pair either......just buy one
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