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The black Saint Laurent cuban heel boots? I've worn them in about 3 fits already. Beautiful bootsGot some virgin wool trousers I am waiting on to wear with some knits when they get here (shipping from Italy with UPS sucks) and a Petrol 5Zip who is doing a tour around the world it seems
[[SPOILER]] Maison Martin Margiela - Viscose 5Zip - Cream Viscose Knit - Virgin Tropical Wool Ivory Blue Trousers - Replica Argentine Military Boots - Cartier
Just got these trousers. I was worried they might be a little thick, but it turns out they are thin, light, and breezy as fuck. Margiela comes through for me once again...(texture is very cool too) just need khaki and camel knits to complete fit
Yep...born the year Margiela was established
Ahhh point taken. I meant 26 as in 26 years oldSo much easier to remember birthdays when your significant other has the same one
Its the angle that I am standing in. If it was a straight shot like I usually do i would look much more cohesive. The navy in the polo knit came out washed out too but ehh its just a simple fitHaha no idea what this is or means man
Me and My Lady Celebrating Our 26th Me: Maison Martin Margiela - Collarless Polo Knit - Virgin Wool Stripped Dinner Trousers - Saint Laurent Wyatt Sidezips - Cartier Her: Something- Maison Martin Margiela - Something - Something (Like the homie Jet, I also love Mall Brand Women)
Maison Martin Margiela Wool/Mohair Knit Tropical Wool Khaki Knit Valextra Havana
Welcome to the club man. You should be in for some good luck when it comes to boots hahaYes Margiela boutique. Also found on Matches for $100 less and free shipping
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