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There were plateaus. I tried a few different variations, but typically what worked best were taking a week off from the gym (but still eating moderately well). Also refeeds (a one day shot where you eat 1.5x-2x your daily caloric target, but of clean and healthy foods and then going for a big lifting day) also help.SF members: I'm trying to get the word out on my story, solely to help people out and not for financial motives. I've had friends tell me I should go on the...
Thanks for the kind words! No issues with type 2 diabetes anymore.
Hi everyone - hope you have been doing well. Thought I would share my story on styleforum, which was recently featured in HuffPo. Happy to answer any questions or help out to those that are trying to lose weight. Kishan http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/20/i-lost-weight-kishan-shah_n_1900533.html
I graduated from Ann Arbor and hopefully can provide you with some help - U of M is such a big school that its daunting at times, and only if you truly utilize its resources will you enjoy it. Engineering is tough, North Campus sucks, I'll agree with that. But there are tons of campus organizations and programs - if you want to meet some people try visiting the business school - the new building is great and people are friendly there (everyone knows each other so try to...
I just bought a pair, what does everyone recommend wearing them with?
I have available time to volunteer and was hoping to teach a 1 hour class once a week at a local high school. I have no issues with developing lesson plans and crafting materials to create a worthwile experience, however does anyone have any suggestions for approaching schools? Would there be required teaching certifications given this is a "seminar" style course?
I'm looking for a pair of shoes (they seem to be very popular since I've seen them all around town) but I don't know who makes them - they are a pair of navy (leather and/or suede) high tops with white trim on the soles. Thanks
My condolences, best to you and your family.
Would it be possible to visit the large factories in Europe and study construction and production of men's tailoring? It would be very interesting to get a hands-on approach to how things work inside the production facility and how the garments are actually made. Plus I wouldn't mind spending some time in Italy.
Whenever possible get a whole wheat tortilla, double chicken, and salsa - 80g protein, 40g carbs, 15g fat
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