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Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn You failed Logic 101, didn't you? I teach it, bitch. I am encouraging students to forego the use of "QED" at the end of a proof, and to replace it with the much more elegant "pwned." e.g: Modus ponens: P --> Q P - Q pwned
Quote: Originally Posted by maxnharry Are the stories untrue or unrepresentative? If true, then England is having some serious issues about how citizens who defend themselves or intervene in crimes are turned into perpetrators. The story is probably true -- all I was saying is that the Daily (Hate) Mail is renowned for making mountains out of molehills when it comes to this sort of thing. The phrase "Tabloid Moral Panic" was invented for a...
You should be wary of forming opinions about England based on what you read in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.
Nobody here (except perhaps blackplatano) seems to understand what the ad hominem fallacy actually is. It's different from an insult. Ad hominem fallacy: You suck, therefore your argument/opinion does. - A logical error has been committed here, because whether or not you suck has no bearing on the soundness of your argument. Mere insult: Your argument sucks, therefore you do. - This kind of argument may be impolite or unwise, but there's no logical impropriety here, and...
I guess it depends on the field/subject, but in the humanities, the main (I'm tempted to say only, but that would be overstating it) reason for pursuing advanced degrees is for "fun" (or at least, because of personal enjoyment and fulfillment). Put it like this: you shouldn't do a PhD in philosophy because you think the job prospects or pay will provide a good return on your (temporal, emotional, monetary) investment! (They won't).
Quote: Originally Posted by celery It then asks you the desired height of the collar and I picked 5cm. It's the only choice that allows for 2 buttons. Ah, I see. Thanks for that. Hmmm. I'm sorely tempted by this. Since they're coming out of Sweden, I imagine the shipping's not too pricey either. I feel some credit-card damage may be inflicted this weekend.
This looks cool. I'd echo the above comments, but it's a good first shot. What is the collar style? You might like to try a slightly wider spread, but I like the two button collar stand. Their website is pretty user-friendly, and I'm sorely tempted to give them a go. How did you get the two-button collar? I don't see that amongst the collar options.
^ +1 on what Dewey said. The heel on the Stacy Adams looks weird; it's too high, and it's set at an odd angle. With slim-cut trousers, you'll look like you're wearing girls shoes (look at the back view -- it looks high-heeled, and in a clunky way too.) The CK looks sleeker, because of the low profile.
This has already been done: Karl Lagerfeld's collection for H&M featured "tie rings" that look just like this:
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Easy answer: Nobody cares about Ireland but you and Conne. Well, I do! In any case, the healthcare system in Ireland is interesting for other reasons, but perhaps not so interesting when serving in comparative studies of private vs. public healthcare. Like many other things in Ireland, the healthcare system is (a) a bit amateurish and (b) a bit inconsistent, despite the excellent work done by...
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