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I think you'd have a hard time arguiung that Jo was denied a goal-scoring opportunity; they were practically still in the centre circle when they collided. With that said, it was a terribly cynical challenge. I hate John Terry with a passion, and such a cheap tackle as the one pictured above further reinforces his cuntitude. He deserved to get sent off just for being John Terry (and I always enjoy seeing him get upset).
- All paid-for socks have now been shipped (and I hear that some have arrived with their proud new owners already!) - I will not be able to answer PMs until Friday, so please bear that in mind. - Following requests from many of you for more medium sizes, I now have some, and will be posting them for sale this weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer one in the basement of the Manulife Centre. I'd second that. I don't know what their shoe tree prices are like, but they did a good job of re-soling a few shoes for me. It's near the Bay street exit (under Chapters), by the florist and opposite the stereo shop. Also, the place seems to be run by this super-cool old black dude with a cockney accent. He used to be a big-name amateur boxer in London in the 1960s...
- Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss (Those Theodor Kittelsen prints are awesome) - Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time (I can't believe the amount of time I spent poring over this, looking for the various "easter eggs") - Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy/Windowlicker (I can't decide, but the theme is similar: euw!) - Chris Clark - Clarence Park (Genuis -- everyone has pictures like this lying around, but this is perfect!) - Wedding Present - Seamonsters (Imagine owning it on 12" and...
From the October 2002 edition of TVGoHome, detailing the contents of an episode of a fictional TV show called "Cunt": Quote: 12.20am: Cunt Nathan Barley purchases a copy of Knees Royale, the debut album from a knowingly lo-fi Westbourne Grove-based band called The Knees, whose music is a thinly-veiled amalgamation of the Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (yet manages to be precisely one-hundredth as rewarding) and whose CD cover boasts a specially commisioned...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick That's right, something like this: http://www.eaglewindsquamish.com/index_talon.html Then I guess a townhouse is a terraced house. Bear in mind that "Terraced House" covers quite a wide range of housing types; from the working class terraced housing of the archetypal industrial inner-city (think Coronation Street)) like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:T...rtuneswell.jpg, all the way up to things like...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Is there also a term for "townhomes"? Wiki says "townhouses" would be correct, and would also conjure more of a 'luxury' connotation. What do you mean by "townhome" in N. America? Can you provide a picture? When you say "townhome" I think of terraced housing (like "row housing" in the US?) but that's probably not right.
You could use both, but "flat" is probably more widespread. "Apartment" is used too, but more by people who are putting on airs and graces. You'd go round to Tarquin and Jocasta's apartment for some tapas and a nice Pinot Grigio. You'd go round to Bob & Jane's flat for fish and chips and a few cans.
slippers. hackneyed.
It can work for certain industries:
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