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Almost everyone in black metal is pretentious, going on about how "tr00" and "kvlt" they are whilst they post half-baked internet-assembled diatribes on message boards from the comfort of their parents' basements. That said, some are pretty scary: Some are less scary:
Admittedly, the OP asked "How would you have handled the situation." The answer to that is, "I don't know." But insofar as this thread has proceeded by evaluating how he handled the situation, I'd say "Win-Win". He threw a guy down in a bar, defending the honour of his wife. That got brownie points from the wife, and at the same time he didn't get his arse kicked by the guy. That is what they call a total result.
Quote: Originally Posted by Modernist Are any of the Large ones OTC (over the calf)? If so, dibs in any reddish shade in OTC. Sorry -- they're all mid-calf. No OTCs, I'm afraid.
Gentlemen, Once again, I bring you some Pantherellas. They are all a 70% cotton lisle/30% Nylon blend, and all are mid-calf. Some are size large (UK 9-11.5, Euro 43-46) and some are size medium (UK 6-8.5, Euro 39-42). The pictures below represent their actual colours (more so than my descriptions, which are just for convenient reference). Price is €10 per pair. Postage fees (worldwide): one pair €3, 2-5 pairs €4. More pairs than that: PM me. Please PM me with your...
My two suggestions. 1) Zywiec Porter (an oatmeal stout) 2) A plug for my own favourtie local product: Beamish. Deee-fucking-licious. With a slice of soda bread and butter, it's pure heaven, boy!
Quote: Originally Posted by revolt would a us13 still be able to squeeze into these or do they make these in an XL? I take a US size 12 shoe (e.g., an Allen Edmonds Dryden fits me perfectly at 12D), and the "Large" is by no means tight on me. I'd guess that you could probably squeeze a 13 into them, but I can't guarantee it. Caveat Emptor and all that.
I think you'd have a hard time arguiung that Jo was denied a goal-scoring opportunity; they were practically still in the centre circle when they collided. With that said, it was a terribly cynical challenge. I hate John Terry with a passion, and such a cheap tackle as the one pictured above further reinforces his cuntitude. He deserved to get sent off just for being John Terry (and I always enjoy seeing him get upset).
- All paid-for socks have now been shipped (and I hear that some have arrived with their proud new owners already!) - I will not be able to answer PMs until Friday, so please bear that in mind. - Following requests from many of you for more medium sizes, I now have some, and will be posting them for sale this weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer one in the basement of the Manulife Centre. I'd second that. I don't know what their shoe tree prices are like, but they did a good job of re-soling a few shoes for me. It's near the Bay street exit (under Chapters), by the florist and opposite the stereo shop. Also, the place seems to be run by this super-cool old black dude with a cockney accent. He used to be a big-name amateur boxer in London in the 1960s...
- Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss (Those Theodor Kittelsen prints are awesome) - Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time (I can't believe the amount of time I spent poring over this, looking for the various "easter eggs") - Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy/Windowlicker (I can't decide, but the theme is similar: euw!) - Chris Clark - Clarence Park (Genuis -- everyone has pictures like this lying around, but this is perfect!) - Wedding Present - Seamonsters (Imagine owning it on 12" and...
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