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I used to live down the road from Creeds. I used them once and would not do so again -- they were outrageously over-priced, they didn't do a good job of actually cleaning things, and they mis-pressed a couple of pairs of trousers by turning them into flat-fronts. This was a few years ago, and it's only my experience. YMMV
If you don't puke, it means you could have tried harder. Pain is just the sensation of failure leaving the body. etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak After looking over severa threads, I've decided to start cleaning and ironing myself. Good man! Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak 1. Can I stick my white dress shirts with the rest of my whites such as towels, socks, undershirts, etc...? Can I do the same with my Lite Blue and Gray Shirts with colors? Sure. I do. Stick a couple of scoops of Oxi-clean in as...
Goodness, it had better be permissable: the tweed herringbone/checked shirt combo is classic farmer-wear! (And I mean that in a good way, not in an Ernest, "brown is for farmer" way). Think of all those pictures of posh Brits on their country estates...
Almost everyone in black metal is pretentious, going on about how "tr00" and "kvlt" they are whilst they post half-baked internet-assembled diatribes on message boards from the comfort of their parents' basements. That said, some are pretty scary: Some are less scary:
Admittedly, the OP asked "How would you have handled the situation." The answer to that is, "I don't know." But insofar as this thread has proceeded by evaluating how he handled the situation, I'd say "Win-Win". He threw a guy down in a bar, defending the honour of his wife. That got brownie points from the wife, and at the same time he didn't get his arse kicked by the guy. That is what they call a total result.
Quote: Originally Posted by Modernist Are any of the Large ones OTC (over the calf)? If so, dibs in any reddish shade in OTC. Sorry -- they're all mid-calf. No OTCs, I'm afraid.
Gentlemen, Once again, I bring you some Pantherellas. They are all a 70% cotton lisle/30% Nylon blend, and all are mid-calf. Some are size large (UK 9-11.5, Euro 43-46) and some are size medium (UK 6-8.5, Euro 39-42). The pictures below represent their actual colours (more so than my descriptions, which are just for convenient reference). Price is €10 per pair. Postage fees (worldwide): one pair €3, 2-5 pairs €4. More pairs than that: PM me. Please PM me with your...
My two suggestions. 1) Zywiec Porter (an oatmeal stout) 2) A plug for my own favourtie local product: Beamish. Deee-fucking-licious. With a slice of soda bread and butter, it's pure heaven, boy!
Quote: Originally Posted by revolt would a us13 still be able to squeeze into these or do they make these in an XL? I take a US size 12 shoe (e.g., an Allen Edmonds Dryden fits me perfectly at 12D), and the "Large" is by no means tight on me. I'd guess that you could probably squeeze a 13 into them, but I can't guarantee it. Caveat Emptor and all that.
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