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Maybe I'm paranoid, but it could also be a scam. Imagine: someone hacks their website, changes all the prices, then "leaks" the information that they have a sale, and promptly gathers the credit card numbers that flood in.
This is too good to be true; I think this might actually be a screw-up with their website. I wonder if they'll be forced to honour all these orders. Can someone give them a call to double check?
Quote: what the heck...are they going out of business? They certainly will be when 200 SF members all order five shirts from them in the next two hours...
Well, the Phil Spector "critique" seemed popular, so I give to you, Viggo Mortensen: Lord of the Rings star, and inventor of the bull-fighting/ice-dancing/black-tie amalgamation: [oops; I just noticed a typo in the thread title. Anyone know how to change that?]
Michael Madsen is now going for the "Spector" look too, but he's not curly enough to pull it off with such panache:
Quote: I think he meant taking his low-budget clothes to the tailor at Holt-Renfrew will result in sneers. Yes -- that's what I meant. Sorry for not being clearer. In fact, one gets sneers from the staff at Holt Renfrew even if you buy something from them. God forbid you want their help with anything. (This is the Bloor St. store I'm talking about. HR Last Call and the HR in the Yorkdale mall are blessed with much friendlier staff). Anyway, thanks...
Having been an avid reader of this forum for a couple of months now, I can no longer tolerate the ill-fitting garments I have in my wardrobe. My budget is best suited to thrift store finds (of which I have had a few gems), so I'm prepared to spend a few extra bucks to get a few things adjusted; I need some jacket sleeve length alterations in particular, but some other nips & tucks would help too. Can anyone recommend a tailor in the Toronto area who can be relied upon?...
Here's Phil Spector in his latest courthouse appearance. Mr Kabbaz, do you have a source for buttons like that?
baa hahaha. Thanks for posting this -- I needed a laugh. More importantly, the responses of SF members have, as ever, been moments of comic genius, especially the "seemingly endless series of wedgies". Somebody should send an e-mail to the fashion editor of Esquire with a link to this thread. "funky/urban edge". I ask you.
Quote: What do you think? Get rid of this jacket or put some money into alterations and keep it? I think it looks pretty good as is. It might look a bit weird with a third button added; the tweed already makes it quite "chunky" and a higher closure might make it look too constricted around the chest. Try wearing it with a blue small checked shirt and a flat cap for the "English farmer" look:
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