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The shirt arrived today: Thanks Louky -- quick service, and a lovely product! A+ (and a free bump)
The ideology of a speaker may be a good explanation for why they say the things that they do. Formally, however, the ideology of a speaker is not an argument for or against the truth of their utterances. Nonetheless, the "ideology" of a speaker may be good inductive evidence for or against the truth of their utterances, but only insofar as a speaker's ideology gives some general insight as to their trustworthiness.
PMed you about the Keaton Collar. (I admit, I saw Wedding Crashers yesterday, and I want a shirt with a collar like Owen Wilson's)!
Here's historical confirmation of the existence of such things:
It takes less than an hour to iron five shirts a week -- do it in front of the telly on a Sunday night. Similarly with washing. The machine does the hard work -- put it on whilst you're doing something else. Similarly with drying -- stick the shirts on plastic hangers and forget about them for 24 hours. If you hang them indoors, it'll even make your house smell nice! Back to the OP: I've had no shrinkage in my TMLs. That's only from washing on 40 -- I don't tumble dry.
For people who don't read Spanish, just run it through Google Translate (http://translate.google.com/#) -- it's a perfectly tolerable read. Nice blog -- I'll bookmark it.
I use the Nivea Q10 Revitalising cream (this fucker: http://www.ciao.co.uk/Nivea_for_Men_...e_Q10__5324862) as a post-shave moisturiser, and it's pretty good. I don't know exactly what it's supposed to do, or whether it's successful at doing that, but it works for what I use it for.
Nice one. (And sorry, I just realised that I sounded like a complete jerk in my last post!) I should have just posted the venn diagram:
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleats Indeed only open to residents of the UK according to The Telegraphs rules I am afraid Though, of course, the Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK. But you knew that, right?
Refusing to live anywhere north of Bloor is daft -- if you take that literally, it rules out Yorkville and the Annex! My rule of thumb was to live south of St. Clair; you're then technically within walking distance of most of downtown. Why not try the Annex? It's not too expensive, plenty of shops/bars/restaurants, and I have good memories of hot summer days strolling along Bloor between Spadina & Bathurst (even if Dooney's is now gone, so I hear). Whatever you do,...
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