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It takes less than an hour to iron five shirts a week -- do it in front of the telly on a Sunday night. Similarly with washing. The machine does the hard work -- put it on whilst you're doing something else. Similarly with drying -- stick the shirts on plastic hangers and forget about them for 24 hours. If you hang them indoors, it'll even make your house smell nice! Back to the OP: I've had no shrinkage in my TMLs. That's only from washing on 40 -- I don't tumble dry.
For people who don't read Spanish, just run it through Google Translate ( -- it's a perfectly tolerable read. Nice blog -- I'll bookmark it.
I use the Nivea Q10 Revitalising cream (this fucker: as a post-shave moisturiser, and it's pretty good. I don't know exactly what it's supposed to do, or whether it's successful at doing that, but it works for what I use it for.
Nice one. (And sorry, I just realised that I sounded like a complete jerk in my last post!) I should have just posted the venn diagram:
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleats Indeed only open to residents of the UK according to The Telegraphs rules I am afraid Though, of course, the Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK. But you knew that, right?
Refusing to live anywhere north of Bloor is daft -- if you take that literally, it rules out Yorkville and the Annex! My rule of thumb was to live south of St. Clair; you're then technically within walking distance of most of downtown. Why not try the Annex? It's not too expensive, plenty of shops/bars/restaurants, and I have good memories of hot summer days strolling along Bloor between Spadina & Bathurst (even if Dooney's is now gone, so I hear). Whatever you do,...
I used to live down the road from Creeds. I used them once and would not do so again -- they were outrageously over-priced, they didn't do a good job of actually cleaning things, and they mis-pressed a couple of pairs of trousers by turning them into flat-fronts. This was a few years ago, and it's only my experience. YMMV
If you don't puke, it means you could have tried harder. Pain is just the sensation of failure leaving the body. etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak After looking over severa threads, I've decided to start cleaning and ironing myself. Good man! Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak 1. Can I stick my white dress shirts with the rest of my whites such as towels, socks, undershirts, etc...? Can I do the same with my Lite Blue and Gray Shirts with colors? Sure. I do. Stick a couple of scoops of Oxi-clean in as...
Goodness, it had better be permissable: the tweed herringbone/checked shirt combo is classic farmer-wear! (And I mean that in a good way, not in an Ernest, "brown is for farmer" way). Think of all those pictures of posh Brits on their country estates...
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