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I love club collars -- I'm wearing one today from Hardy Amies, with pink horizontal stripes and a contrast collar. Please excuse the even crappier photo:
I'm giving Chrome a trial run, and with the DNS pre-fetch thing, it seems to run very quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang This Chap Magazine looks intriguing, but quite expensive for those outside of Europe, at GBP 32 for six issues. They have a "Best of" book, IIRC, which is available quite inexpensively on Amazon, and may be worth a browse if you are considering a subscription.
PM sent...
tl;dr But could you spell out in a little more detail what you find problematic about the article? My worry is that the humanities are sometimes unfairly criticised just because their publications are difficult, technical or obscure. (Not that that's what you're doing, I'm just interested to see what you found so objectionable about it.)
Check out the Hawes & Curtis sale for shirts.
The correct answer is: "That's because your mum always makes me put my suit back on after I've fucked her."
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven okay. I want to switch programs second year, but the program I want says I need 2.0 credits (3 courses) as a prerequisite. I called the registrar and inquired if I could take these courses as electives, seeing as I have no pre-enrolled course load and she said I couldn't. They told me I would be able to switch if I had the intentions to, but it seems like I can't. Any three courses, or three...
Post 'em in public, and I'll see if I can remember enough to answer 'em.
It's funny to hear people describing the ascot (or "cravat" as I think of it) as terribly formal; the image that springs to my mind when I think of cravats is Buster Merryfield playing Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses. On him, it doesn't look affected at all:
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