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Check out the Hawes & Curtis sale for shirts.
The correct answer is: "That's because your mum always makes me put my suit back on after I've fucked her."
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven okay. I want to switch programs second year, but the program I want says I need 2.0 credits (3 courses) as a prerequisite. I called the registrar and inquired if I could take these courses as electives, seeing as I have no pre-enrolled course load and she said I couldn't. They told me I would be able to switch if I had the intentions to, but it seems like I can't. Any three courses, or three...
Post 'em in public, and I'll see if I can remember enough to answer 'em.
It's funny to hear people describing the ascot (or "cravat" as I think of it) as terribly formal; the image that springs to my mind when I think of cravats is Buster Merryfield playing Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses. On him, it doesn't look affected at all:
The shirt arrived today: Thanks Louky -- quick service, and a lovely product! A+ (and a free bump)
PMed you about the Keaton Collar. (I admit, I saw Wedding Crashers yesterday, and I want a shirt with a collar like Owen Wilson's)!
Here's historical confirmation of the existence of such things:
It takes less than an hour to iron five shirts a week -- do it in front of the telly on a Sunday night. Similarly with washing. The machine does the hard work -- put it on whilst you're doing something else. Similarly with drying -- stick the shirts on plastic hangers and forget about them for 24 hours. If you hang them indoors, it'll even make your house smell nice! Back to the OP: I've had no shrinkage in my TMLs. That's only from washing on 40 -- I don't tumble dry.
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