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I can't find the epic thread in which the existence of clear metal collar stays was postulated. Nonetheless, that possibility may become actual -- Oxford scientists have, apparently, created a transparent form of aluminium: http://www.physorg.com/news167925273.html The bad news is that the transparency only lasts for about 40 femtoseconds, and can only be done in a spot with a diameter of less than 1/20 the width of a human hair. But we're getting there! ... isn't...
Super -- I'm pleased to report that both seem to work perfectly. They both make a nice little ISO, and burning that to DVD is a piece of cake. Thanks for the advice, guys. Once again, I am amazed -- but not surprised -- by the collective problem-solving wisdom of SF.
Hey -- that's neat. It looks like Devede is available for Windows too, and I use MPlayer already, so it looks like they'll be friends. I'll give that a try too.
thanks -- that's exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to find. I shall give it a go and report back.
Quick version: Can anyone recommend me a free program that will allow me to convert downloaded .avi files to watchable DVDs? Longer version: I'm sick of watching downloaded TV shows on my computer, and so I'd like to burn them onto DVDs, so that I can watch them on my telly. There seem to be a million and one different programs out there, but SF is usually a reliable distiller of collected knowledge, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any experience with this sort of...
Happened to me once when I was living in Canada and bought something from Brooks Brothers in the US. I noticed, however, that it only ever happens when the shipping company is someone other than the state-sponsored official mail (e.g, UPS or FedEx rather than USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, An Post etc). I think that some companies like UPS or FedEx simply pre-emptively charge the recipient for "customs and taxes" whether or not the package is actually charged by the...
I love club collars -- I'm wearing one today from Hardy Amies, with pink horizontal stripes and a contrast collar. Please excuse the even crappier photo:
I'm giving Chrome a trial run, and with the DNS pre-fetch thing, it seems to run very quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang This Chap Magazine looks intriguing, but quite expensive for those outside of Europe, at GBP 32 for six issues. They have a "Best of" book, IIRC, which is available quite inexpensively on Amazon, and may be worth a browse if you are considering a subscription.
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