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If the loose thread is long enough, I'd be tempted to stick it through a needle and then poke it back in so that the thread is hanging down between the back and the lining.
5-10 minutes per shirt. I store them folded, so I iron them before wearing, rather than after washing. Here's the trick: I don't bother doing the back, because I never take my jacket off. Of course, by that logic, I shouldn't bother doing the sleeves either, but whatever -- I like a bit of luxury. Here's the running order: Yoke. Left cuff. Left sleeve. Right cuff. Right sleeve. Collar. Left front. Right front. Pwned. If you pick out your five shirts for the week, I'm...
Still interested in the AE Moras if you're prepared to ship outside of the US. (And there are others on here who will testify to my reliability). Cheers, Trogdor
I think he was implying -- somewhat clumsily -- that Irish people are drunks. Sometimes the desire to press the buttons on one's keyboard outweighs the fact that one has nothing to say.
Tyrwhitts arrived this morning -- extraordinarily fast, eh? -- and the shirts are splendid. Thanks Chobochobo!
(i)Gents, I just happened to cycle past a new alterations tailor in Cork, and discovered that it's actually a franchise of a nationwide chain. It's called The Zip Yard ( I promise that I'm not shilling for them -- it just seemed kind of odd (and comment-worthy) that there would be a nationwide chain of alterations shops (it's not exactly big business, is it?) I suppose that in the current economic climate in Ireland, people are trying to repair...
PM sent on the Tyrwhitts...
PM sent
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles This exists? How do you enable and how do you then "cancel send" within the one minute? Go to outbox and delete, or what? A workaround for this is simply to tell Outlook always to run a spell-check before sending, and then make sure that there's some word (like "tel") that it always picks up in your signature. It's cumbersome, but it has saved me embarrassment a few times!
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