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I recently purchased an LBM jacket (56% linen, 44% cotton) from Yoox and noticed that there was a noticeable "pilling" on the shoulder. Upon further inspection there were many several other small ones that weren't really noticeable until I started looking for them. The larger one almost looks like a small tear, but it is resting above the surface of the jacket, instead of being a hole in the surface. I'm describing this because I'm certain there is some sort of name for...
I've currently got a pair of 649s and they just aren't doing it for me. The fit of the 714s is (ironically) slightly better. I'm looking for a pair of 714s with a brown frame and PhP or P lenses in brown. I'm flexible to other color combinations so long as the lenses are polarized or photo-polarized.
Can I receive prices for: Park Avenues, Black, 10.5D Wide Basic - Walnut, 32 Bombay Basic - Walnut, 32 Shell Cordovan, Walnut, 32
I'm looking for an LBM 1911 in a solid gray. I generally wear 42/52 coats but need a significant amount of tailoring around the body, so I'm assuming the same size will fit me for this brand. Let me know if you have one to part with, and its condition.
I'm looking to buy a Saddleback Leather Briefcase. Ideally, the Classic Briefcase. However, I'm open to some of their other designs. If you have one, please let me know, I've been looking for a while! Price I'm willing to pay is negotiable depending on the model of the bag and the condition its in.
Title says it all. I'm looking for a pair of these glasses. I have the 649s, but I'm thinking of trying these out. If you are interested in selling, let me know how much and the condition of the glasses. Pictures appreciated. Thanks
Lilly's is my favorite BBQ in the city. The taste and menu has changed a bit since it opened in August last year, but its still very good. I don't really eat pork very often but the pulled pork is phenominal there.
The most important recommendation is to try every one of the boots on and see how they fit your feet. Also, your boot should match your style of hiking. If you go ultra-lite, don't get clunky boots. If you are hiking very rough terrain or have weak ankles, don't get running shoes. I'm picking up a new pair of boots myself, but I am not bothering to check for style. Comfort is the most important thing as having trouble with your feet will ruin your trip! The last thing...
For brunch I'd recommend checking out Burchwood Kitchen to add to the list, and for a cheap lunch, Sultan's is my favorite falafel and shawarma in the city!
I'm glad you kept posting here, because your vitriol makes you hard to take seriously.To whomever asked about reservations or is looking:Longman is fantastic the neighborhood is fine. I've been there a ton, through many menu changes, and I think the drinks and menu have always been good. I also love going down the street to the Whistler for cocktails afterwards (or before!). The Viking Funeral and the (no longer on the menu) Gin Gin Mule are both fantastic. Another popular...
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