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the gitman long sleeve shadow dot i pre-ordered and had been waiting on from context arrived today... in short sleeve...which I do not wear. Because they look poindexter on me. joy. i just wish people would take a look at stuff before they shipped it. i dont think its unreasonable to do for high dollar goods.
Well, apparently a lot of bad information circulating on the chinos? Context stating true to size...Acrimony measuring in person, and stating true to size...(inch wise). 4_HM stating they run an inch big? A lot of variables, I know, but there should at least be some sort of general consensus among those who stock. It would be wonderful if stockist could provide 'their take' on the sizing of a piece in the item description versus customers fending for themselves in these...
Quote: Originally Posted by 42LONG I'm looking at picking up a pair of the anti-fit pants in size 33 but im worried that at 6'4" the pants wont stack at all and possibly even look cropped. For a casual pant like these i'd wear them lower on my hips but would they still be too short? at 6'4" you would wear them as they're intended -- sagged -- and I think they'll look cool, and if sagged right, there should be some stacking going on.. stockist measurements read...
Had them in the back with a tape measure -- we're seeing precisely true to size (waist) measured flat across: Size 30: Exactly 15" laid flat Size 31: Exactly 15.5" laid flat Brown Khaki ACRvip15
I'm going to call Ac and confirm. They've got a lot of sizes in brown and khaki right now that should go with the 15%....will report back with exact measurements. All I am going to get is verification of waist measured flat on 30's and 31's. If anyone wants anything else please PM me..
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Hey slack or anyone with experience (sorry if already posted), but how are the current season chinos sizing comparing to the last two seasons in terms of waist to tagged? I know the inseams have increased, but I have a pair from last season or two seasons ago I believe when tagged size matched inseam size and I'm a 30 tagged in most trousers/pants and the 30s in mine fit really well. Context lists waist size 30 as 30" but my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Feji Slack know which MIJ items Acrimony is stocking? slightly small order this go-round but some interesting items nonetheless: Selvedge Pocket L/S Shirt - Blue S-XL 2 Button Blazer - Khaki S-XL Stripe Vest - Navy/Natural S-XL Chino Shorts - Olive 28-33 Chino Shorts - Brown 28-33 So Racknack, Acrimony will be receiving the striped vest this coming Monday....don't forget the coupon code........
Quote: Originally Posted by cowerd How much room for layering is you go TTS? I fit a thick hoodie underneath when sized TTS and still have free range of motion... [IMG][/IMG]
Quote: Originally Posted by Feji Slack know which MIJ items Acrimony is stocking? I can find out shortly and will get back with you... One thing I know for fact is the khaki blazer (among many other things - but that is somewhat special...hoping on some more items that aren't available everywhere).
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