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can i get the quick n dirty on what the 'vagina flaw' was?
wings stuff..(click for detail) [[SPOILER]] Polo....I sized this incorrectly and got a medium. I'm positioning the shirt to make it look and fit better than it actually does.. [[SPOILER]]
Blue dish cloth...a closer look.. (click for details) [[SPOILER]]
Well I'm not sure. The shirt fabric itself is awesome. Really cool details, nice cut. Only problem was it was missing the sleeves. While EP sleeves are actually too long for me anyway which makes Gitman a much better option for me personally.. I can take pics of the fabric if anyone is interested.. I like it enough to re-order it in blue from Ac..
the shadow dot was really, really cool. That's why I was so pissed the order got messed up....highly recommended. I just don't look good in short sleeve bd's, unless vacation or something, but I much just prefer to roll the sleeves.. If anyone wants it brand new (size s) and is willing to pay retail for it, it's theirs...sending it back to Context tomorrow or the day after. PM for pics or measurements.
Just to report the facts and also an FYI to not order the gitman dot shirt from Context thinking you will get it (I believe it will still allow you to order [[SPOILER]] I just dunno. . All I can say is 15% off at Ac for the rest of the month and they have a good selection. Actually, after looking at it, they have the dot shirt in blue which I think I'd prefer over gray, anyway... For people who think my emails above are rude (not sure if people do, but if...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 how do you keep your cps so clean? they look brand new but i know you have been wearing them? I shouldn't, but I wipe them down a lot. Also, I do like these possibly the most, but I mix them up a good bit with others My all white lows I've designated as the real beaters for the summer..
Quote: Originally Posted by thirdman I just got the W+H Mac in the mail. I like it a lot, but, as other people have said, it's quite a heavy canvas and feels a bit boxy and stiff on the first few wears. For anybody else who bought the Mac: does it soften up much with wear? Thanks! PS If anyone else is looking at them: I'm 6'3" 175 and a large seems to fit quite well. It's really stiff out of the box but does soften up a lot with wear. I have the coat but...
Buy your normal size... I don't have the hoodie, but I have the same thing in the the crewneck, and its very true..
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