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Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 how do you keep your cps so clean? they look brand new but i know you have been wearing them? I shouldn't, but I wipe them down a lot. Also, I do like these possibly the most, but I mix them up a good bit with others My all white lows I've designated as the real beaters for the summer..
Quote: Originally Posted by thirdman I just got the W+H Mac in the mail. I like it a lot, but, as other people have said, it's quite a heavy canvas and feels a bit boxy and stiff on the first few wears. For anybody else who bought the Mac: does it soften up much with wear? Thanks! PS If anyone else is looking at them: I'm 6'3" 175 and a large seems to fit quite well. It's really stiff out of the box but does soften up a lot with wear. I have the coat but...
Buy your normal size... I don't have the hoodie, but I have the same thing in the the crewneck, and its very true..
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl slack, the jeans are wings + horns? they are..but not jeans. linen/cotton blend. they resemble and do feel like denim, though. [[SPOILER]]
the gitman long sleeve shadow dot i pre-ordered and had been waiting on from context arrived today... in short sleeve...which I do not wear. Because they look poindexter on me. joy. i just wish people would take a look at stuff before they shipped it. i dont think its unreasonable to do for high dollar goods.
Well, apparently a lot of bad information circulating on the chinos? Context stating true to size...Acrimony measuring in person, and stating true to size...(inch wise). 4_HM stating they run an inch big? A lot of variables, I know, but there should at least be some sort of general consensus among those who stock. It would be wonderful if stockist could provide 'their take' on the sizing of a piece in the item description versus customers fending for themselves in these...
Quote: Originally Posted by 42LONG I'm looking at picking up a pair of the anti-fit pants in size 33 but im worried that at 6'4" the pants wont stack at all and possibly even look cropped. For a casual pant like these i'd wear them lower on my hips but would they still be too short? at 6'4" you would wear them as they're intended -- sagged -- and I think they'll look cool, and if sagged right, there should be some stacking going on.. stockist measurements read...
Had them in the back with a tape measure -- we're seeing precisely true to size (waist) measured flat across: Size 30: Exactly 15" laid flat Size 31: Exactly 15.5" laid flat Brown Khaki ACRvip15
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