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My A2s maiden voyage yesterday. So easy to wear... I love it. My brother immediately wanted to know where he could get one. [[SPOILER]]
I have both of the hopsack plaids (including the black watch) from this season and they have an extra ~.5 inch in the chest. So about a 19.5" p2p........whereas most from this past season and last (from my observation) have been coming in around 18.5" - 19". I have had to return most of the gitmans i've bought recently due to the shrunken measurements of the size smalls....but these ones fit a little more consistent with past seasons. They've always of course been all over...
15% off new season stuff at acrimony.. FW12VIP
Some bomber pics... [[SPOILER]]
Wouldn't change a thing if I could. Thanks, ToJ. [[SPOILER]]
The quality is good. The leather feels reasonably nice and consistent with what you would expect from a ~$300 shoe (I think retail was just a bit under 3 hundred). Made in Italy. They should fill a nice gap in my wardrobe and seem versatile enough to wear for both biz cas at work, and also to wear more casual with the ervell jeans and button up I recently got (but had been struggling to find shoes to go with from what I had existing). But for under 100 bucks....highly...
Svennson. Couldn't refuse for the price Steven Alan has them for right now.
Yes, it was over $25. If memory serves it was more around the $30-$40 range. Granted, though, this was a couple years ago when I was a total noob when it came to shipping, especially international.And lol, being it was originally shipped via FedEx, I brought it back to FedEx to do the return. That was until they quoted me over $100 for shipping the big shoe box + shipping box back to Sweden with tracking. What a disaster those McNairy bucks were!!
I have returned to TBS..... shipping is pretty steep getting it back to Sweden (I had to return shoes). I had visibility into tracking via the USPS customs number, and I contacted them via email 2 days after I showed them in receipt of the package. The return was processed within 24 hours of that email exchange.Once you take into consideration the return shipping, net net, you may find it comparable to just flip on B&S versus the return.
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