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great deal. this will go quick.
I've got two this season in the hopsack. I like it a lot and it's very seasonally appropriate. A loose weave, but with a little heft to it. nice texture. The fabric is also nice because wrinkles seem to fall right out of it when it's hung up after a wear.In terms of fit, you'll find about an extra half inch in the chest in comparison to the navy over-dye oxford (which was a plus for me). This based on a size small.
anyone seen a pair of super westpoint twills in navy (size 30) at any US domestic sites? seems like not many shops picked them up at all. also, if anyone has a pair of navy corded cloths (from any f/w season) in 30 in good or new shape and you would part with them please let me know
any chance of a fit pic with one in the ballcap style?
My A2s maiden voyage yesterday. So easy to wear... I love it. My brother immediately wanted to know where he could get one. [[SPOILER]]
I have both of the hopsack plaids (including the black watch) from this season and they have an extra ~.5 inch in the chest. So about a 19.5" p2p........whereas most from this past season and last (from my observation) have been coming in around 18.5" - 19". I have had to return most of the gitmans i've bought recently due to the shrunken measurements of the size smalls....but these ones fit a little more consistent with past seasons. They've always of course been all over...
15% off new season stuff at acrimony.. FW12VIP
Some bomber pics... [[SPOILER]]
Wouldn't change a thing if I could. Thanks, ToJ. [[SPOILER]]
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