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Still intentions of releasing the oxford navy labels in a true size small?
37ish This is just ever so slightly small. If I were 5 lbs smaller and a half inch to an inch smaller in the chest this would be perfect
Temple of Jawnz v2 Oxford in Blue, Size Small. Selling because it's just a tad tight in the chest (i'm closer to a 38 chest) Currently shipping in US only. Price includes shipping and PP fees. hand-stitching, nice finishing with tucked seems, crow foot stitch, beautiful thick MoP button, selvedge line, soft hand. actual measurements: pit to pit (measured from front): 19.5 inches shoulder to shoulder: 17"
Well damn. After the 3+ month wait, the oxford.... just a little too small. For StyleForum brand comparison sake, I wear a small in both Gitman and Epaulet (oxfords) and they both fit very, very well...my go to shirts. ToJ though being a little high and tight in my p2p, but more so, armholes a bit high for my build. For reference I am currently 141 lbs and 5'8". Nice shirt though. I can't get technical in description, but comparable to the aforementioned, with a slightly...
Mind sharing what size you got, and your height/weight?
31 here! Got my oxford v2 shipping confirmation this morning, thanks!
Wool A-2 Bomber is pretty nice. Not a big contrast between the marled blue knit sleeves and the body, which I was glad to see (relative to the grey version). Very heavy and thick. Heavy duty riri zip. Nice lux ribbing (stand out). Good lining with sateen like material in the sleeves. No big frills here (sans the knit sleeves) - just a nice interpretation of the A2 style bomber with typical w+h build quality and materials. More than happy with it at ~60% off. edit; all...
Things I learned just aren't for me.. - Aldens. Tried two pair - longwings and pair of indy boots. Both are just too big looking on my feet. Real clod-hoppers. I remember reading an opinion at some point stating that Alden's are best worn on bigger guys, with big feet - just looks more natural given the proportions. I think I agree here. Probably should have known better than to try a shoe that is nicknamed "the gunboat". Extremely impressed by the overall look, feel and...
If this is a tiger fleece hoodie I think you'll be happy with the fit of a size small. They run pretty slim.
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