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ervell blue suede cap epaulet mto shirt wallace & barnes jeans cp mids top & derby cane
I was curious about the difference in fit and fabric from the FW'13 jeans to this new seasons.... this is what the shop said:The fit of the SS14 Standard Jeans is the same as the FW13 version. The fabric is in fact lighter by a few ounces, and is more appropriate for the spring/summer season.
My EP/Gitman MTO has the same issue, unfortunately. I was hoping to receive my first and then be able to order more, but will have to wait and see if this is normal. If it was on purpose and normal then even the minus 2 inches on the sleeves would still be too large (with the minus 1" sleeves on the current being way too big - almost seem longer than they would have been on a standard medium with no requested adjustments). I know it's already been brought up, and sorry to...
I haven't found them to stretch very much. If in between sizes I would suggest sizing up
Really nice, thanks again... some pics:
It is just ever so slightly thinner and lighter than I was expecting -- that not necessarily a bad thing as we head into spring. It's a fairly dense weave... but pretty soft and comfortable overall, with a little bit of texture that you can see on some of the more detailed product shots. It picks up some lint but not bad at all, especially in comparison to some other lint-prone darker items i've purchased recently.As for the item itself... it's a really nice cut. The...
I received the technical knit cardigan and black rubberized cotton cap this weekend. Both solid pieces!
You've provided a great service for us here, Nate. Thanks very much!
Yep, I pretty much use mine to pack for weekend trips nowadays. It is especially doable in the summer when you don't need to pack voluminous winter clothes. I'm using mine every day... use it now instead of my computer bag at work as well. Definitely take it on any trip.... whether just driving somewhere for the weekend or using it as carry on when traveling by plane. The thing is big, relative to other bags (way bigger and more functional than my Makr round backpack, for...
This blazer is on eBay right now (not my listing) in black and size small... looks like a good price (and accepting offers). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wings-Horns-Black-Cargo-Blazer-Size-Small-/191074307234?pt=US_Mens_Sweats_Hoodies&hash=item2c7cea8ca2
New Posts  All Forums: