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Did a drive from Seattle to Sonoma County last week. This is from Rialto Beach, WA
Yes, the collar is detachable (very late response, but for posterity)
fair observation!Thanks!Thanks, Biggskip. I am doing pretty good after breaking my hip, and three surgeries later. I have a small limp due to a differential in the length of my legs (I am supposed to use a small riser in my shoe to balance it out)...but it could be worse.While the fractured bone (femur) has healed, now I am left with a lot of metal in my hip (various screws and a "blade plate"), which is a bit of a drag. I can feel it when doing things like... sleeping on...
ErvellOur LegacyCPs [[SPOILER]]
Cmon now, Drew. I don't think anyone is expecting good news on these large wallets, but spill the beans already. We paid for the stupid things over a year ago for your fundraiser
after having received the pocket swear I would agree that it is tts, however, would not say it is 'more relaxed' than last seasons (fw14) alpaca. I feel like mine fits just a little shorter everywhere, not necessarily a bad thing.. (for example, I had to basically roll the sleeves on last seasons alpaca as they were too long, but these sleeves are a good length on me. body shorter as well I think... but i have not measured). The cotton also doesn't have the bounce and heft...
I asked the webstore about this seasons cotton pocket sweaters, and asked to compare to last seasons alpaca knits which were pretty relaxed and slouchy when wearing your 'normal' size (this from my personal experience and also seemed to be others, as well). They said this seasons has a "slightly more relaxed fit" This season's sweaters have a slightly more relaxed fit and are made from pima cotton this season. Let us know if you have any more questions. Best, I would...
Might anyone be able to point me in the direction of a US stockist with a snuff suede dover (barrie) in size 8d?
I just received a new season pocket sweater. I am pretty much a TTS Medium/38 nowadays and went with the medium sweater. It has a fairly loose and slouchy fit, which I like. I would suggest that if someone is looking for a normal to normal slouchy look they should go TTS, but for a slimmer fit to size down. They are very stretchy and seem like they would be pretty forgiving if you did decide to size down. No regrets at all with my medium... wearing it right now and really...
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