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Hi, after changing my major a from international business to pre-pharmacy I am transferring into a new university this fall and will be finishing up a BA in Economics before applying to Pharmacy School (interesting mix I know). I was halfway through the International Business program and only had upper level courses to take, so I have about 1.5-2 years to finish up Econ BA. I was wondering in case Pharm school turns out to not be for me what are some possible jobs I...
i recently transferred from my old college and had been debating between umcp and umbc because of the money (i'm broke and I am going to have enough loans to pay off for pharmacy school after undergrad..don't want too much of a hit) and I decided to go to umbc...only because it is close to where I live lol damn i should have applied out of state
haha...i used to have this trouble back in HS as right before Lacoste polos started getting really popular I would wear many different colors and people would hate and then people started saving up to buy some...glad i didn't pay retail for those POS...but nowadays I don't give a damn whether the next guy is wearin hte same ish as me I know I pull it off well
it's funny, i'm listening to Year Zero right now...that and With Teeth aren't THAT bad...granted I can only listen to a couple tracks on either one as opposed to earlier offerings where I could listen to the whole album...
i just had a turkey/virginia ham/american cheese with 3 big slices of tomato some mayo on wheat bread....washed it down with a yummy strawberry protein shake and then a glass of water afterwards. ...can't wait to hit the weights in the morning
I wear my now worn-in white chucks whenever I just feel like throwing on a tee and walkin out the door...they aren't really clean but they aren't too dirty either it's a good balance. I just started wearing chucks in '06 actually these were my first pair; started wearing Vans this year got two pairs of those and I love em simple and classic cool...lot cheaper than the nike's I used to wear and have grown tired of
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