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Do It!
i have a seamaster PO, it is beautiful and keeps great time
26 year olds don't play games? Sorry dude...I wish that was true
black on black mustang...hopefully it gets me through the rest of school
I prefer crew neck...though if I had chest hair I'd probably rock vneck for that Burt Reynolds steez
Looks really nice dude, congratulations!
I love my black macbook...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't spend a decent amount of time on it
underwearer, what size did you get and what is your regular size? yours look totally loose compared to mine bro...i'll edit with a pic in a min
what type of sneakers/shoes do you guys wear your NS with? Also I'm going to post picture of the fit of mine for opinions in a few...I'm not used to wearing my jeans this fitted
Earnest Sewn has some nice cuts/washes.. but I have 2 pairs of sevens in the drawer....I haven't worn one of em since '04 when I got them and had only worn them twice, the other pair I wear very rarely and it's normally to do random errand...they aren't really a bad wash/jean its just my preferences have now changed...but yea definitely don't pay retail for em, other jeans out there that are better at retail price point
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