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Seems everybody is coming to DC area... It's cool though, gives me more ideas on where to look for a place..
I'm a broke college student, but I also count pills deal with cranky folk and insuranc all day (pharmacy)
I'll admit to being guilty of doing so at a stoplight for a "yes" or "no" answer.. I do agree that it's stupid to do.
If someone flakes on the raw I want em as well, paypal ready. I'm going to look into the distressed ones as well to see if might be interested in those
yea, tryin to lose this gut forming and get toned up once again
as already covered by the first reply, your credit score can be negatively affected with reducing credit always want to shoot for the highest u can get...that doesn't mean u actually CHARGE UP the card...
Yea I was thinking about heading out on the mall as well but I will probably just hang out in bars in the evening
For some reason the random girls I meet almost always end up having a boyfriend...and they never bring it up right at the beginning, can't stand it
Only twice...both turned out good actionwise but not so good in the end... wish it would happen more often for me
I'm Dominican but I hang out with a lot of Indian people so u know I drink that Johnny Black and Blue label
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