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i have the same problem here in the U.S. I've had this problem for a long time
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Well, for starters, I'm sorry you and your family had to suffer in a $300,000 house. I'm glad I didn't have to grow up on food stamps. I keed, I keed. Just a joke. Look, obviously there are kids there who live in a bubble. But even at the "richest" schools, your social life is not "crippled" by some losers who want to play rich games. I should know - I went to one of Baltimore's elite all-boys private schools....
LOL....I live in Columbia. It's not too bad for a family, but thankfully I haven't lived here all my life. Lots of good things about it, a few bad things...
I've always wondered how the heck people get those letters...thankfully hasn't happened to me. I use demonoid for most everything
There are some really really bad parts...there are some very nice parts. Honestly it's like any other big city. Federal Hill is cool to hang out in from time to time
APCs sold.
Dibs on new me your paypal
How much for either 1 of em? Hickey jacket in particular..
mmight be down in the future for this...
ha at the pancake face pic
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