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Quote: Originally Posted by Threak This thread just gave me a really good idea. Get a card with a 30+% APR. That way, you'll make sure you always pay it in full, but if it's really an emergency, you can still carry a balance over until you can pay it off. I'll be the next person to disagree with this genius idea
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 Sure don't use it ever. If you cannot afford something then don't buy it. I know so many young kids who get credit cards in college and by the time they get out they have 5-10 grand in debt. Then they need furniture or a car to get their life started. By the time they are 25 they have 30 grand in credit card debt. Any slip ups and the ARP is bumped to 20 or 30%. You could end up paying 10 grand in...
a new addition to the crew is so slow, incompetent and irritating....she should be organizing shelves rather than working in a pharmacy dealing with medications
gotta go for the moneyyyy
online school won't be taken seriously like everybody else said in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch When Facebook suggests people who aren't connected to your friends, and you never imported an address book or anything like that (or your address book didn't contain those people), what's happening is someone else's address book (imported by them into Facebook) included you. Some email programs automatically add anyone emailed to the address book, so some random person who had an email exchange with you about a Craigslist...
so you think it's gonna be better than snow leopard?
NY pizza ftw
I have this problem as well....just gotta grab my balls and not care about the outcome i suppose
Thats cool...five guys fries are pretty good too
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