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Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue It's actually shit. The 10Deep mixtape was so good, and then he went all atmosphere/emo/introspective and it didn't fucking work. Sorry but I 95% disagree with that statement; the 5% where I agree with you is the 10Deep mixtape being good. Man on the Moon is the first album I buy in stores since 1997..
Thank you very much sir =)
I know I know... but it looks great on my iPhone =)
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Huh? I meant, is he actually fucking them while the camera is rolling. Yea man, they do the takes before he's about to bust.
sent PM.
Rant.... at moms house and throw in 2 pairs of apcs to cold soak em, she fucking throws them in the dryer ughhhhhhh now to see how long before they stretch again lol
Just had a quick and easy buying experience with anonymouschris. Great seller, thanks again Chris! Also had a quick selling experience with sportin_life. Great buyer who doesn't play any games, thanks again!
Let me know if you have some available and what your price is. Thanks! 32" or 34" inseam is fine
Could you point me in the direction of where that one is? thanks =)
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