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i really gotta eat more fruit for real though
Interested in this info too
She wasn't my gf, but was seeing one of my best friend's coworkers for a month and she went from HOT to COLD.. still talks with me when I've contacted her but no initiating contact on her end and now always has plans whenever I ask her out, which I know some of the times are true but if she was interested she'd at least make an attempt to see when i'm free or txt or whatever. I'm normally not too hung up on things like this but we saw a good amount of each other and I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM I hear/read this type of thing all the time WRT analyst positions, but how is someone fresh out of school supposed to land a position that typically requires a minimum of 3-5 years of pretty specific experience (according to online analyst job postings)? +1
Also what kind of entry level jobs would you guys suggest looking for with little to no experience in finance (tons of customer service and analytical experience from working as a pharmacy tech throughout schooling) with bs in financial economics background? Sorry to semi threadjack but hopefully this can help OP as well. Edit: forgot to mention I eventually want to go into consulting and be an analyst
Holy crap this is the thread i should have made this past may. Posting to read lol
Graduated in may with a bs in financial economics and haven't found a job someone fresh out of college can get yet. Oh and im in dc/md/va highest prospective job market in the states now lol. Also was seeing this girl for about a month and she went from hot to cold,pretty much left me in the wind... Shes had friends visiting on the weekends and working throughout the week, so obviously shes busy but stopped dropping the occasional txt she would do when she hadnt heard from...
Damn RFX, ballin eh... My college student ass bought anappointment at the clinic earlier this week to make sure I just had bad case of regular flu and hadn't caught any other virus (feelin better now thankfully), got NFS shift for PS3, and to bring my post back on topic a pair of Bevel frames w/ lenses + anti-reflect from a dope shop in Bmore... They were a pretty penny for me but should be worth it, can't wait to pick em up next week
Sent you a PM.
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