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Basically, a size 37 sport coat from Brooks Brothers fits me perfectly. Unfortunately, not many 37s to be had, so would you go down a size, or up? The 38s were slightly too wide at the shoulders, although probably passable.
Can anyone recommend the best brand for around 1000~2500 dollars? I was thinking Raymond Weil but wondering what else is out there?
No culture in China? What a jackass. China has probably been one of the most influential countries in the history of the world. Can't say I'm surprised at the love this guy's comments are getting from this forum. And funny how he calls them fascists but hates on them for their capitalism.
I think we all know what you're really asking. Where can I find a tailor with street-cred. Am I right? Jacob Kozinn, yo. Reppin BK all day. Straight up and down. You can find him gettin his tailor on in the roughest parts of LA.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Are there redundancies in the 7 pairs compared to your existing shoe collection? Personally, I would use this as the measuring stick. I understand having a lot of shoes, because different shoes serve a different purpose. Different color shoes, go with different color clothes. But if you have a lot of redundancies (a bunch of similar looking shoes), you might be hoarding or on your way to hoarding. But...
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 The value of their labor is rising. I know this is distressing to many of the Caucasian Persuasion, but it's the truth. I don't like it any more than the next red-blooded, cashmere sweater-wearing, white American male, but them's the numbers kiddos. Maybe if hippies and liberals didn't run the country we might have a chance to put them in their place, before they steal our jobs. At least they're not capable of...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain suede waterproofing works like a charm Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy I have the BB Suede that doc is talking about. Love them as well. Got them completely saturated during the big now fall on the 26th in NY. Shoe trees in, let them dry slowly and they are just fine. thanks guys. Decided to go with the AE Bayfield boot instead for my rain shoe. Only $300 right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by RTW Have you looked at the AE Malvern in Brogue Suede? It's a nice shoe with AE's version of a Dainite sole. It looks better in person than on the AE website. I have a pair of Malverns which I'm very fond of. This shoe is on sale now for $249. Anyone have any opinions on using this suede chukka as a rain shoe? Or more likely, an it-might-rain/it's...
Thank you! Felt like I was arguing with my girlfriend on her period. I'm left standing there, wondering "What did I say?" Thanks for the tip. I need to check out LACMA. Is it fair to say it's the biggest art museum in LA, as far as numbers of works of art? Nobody's been to the SD Museum of Art?
That would be me. MAJOR Shit I'm talkin. Apparently.
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