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I'm not that knowledgeable about leathers and the like. But, from my untrained eye, the leather is good quality, the dye is perfect. The hand stitching is beautiful. My only issue is that the business card holder is a little small, but it's possible my cards are a little big.As for customizing, it was very easy. He now has a document with all the options you can have, and you just pick what you'd like (colour, size, compartments, etc) and then I went further and didn't...
I've found this. Is there any way to fix this?
Here is my new briefcase from The Sawyer Briefcase Co. I didn't want straps, so we found a nice latch to close it. My only quibble with it is that the business card holder doesn't fit my business cards! It's just slightly too smal!! But otherwise it was great.
Furo, what are the dimensions of your bag? Other than making it a double gusset, did you make any other custom changes? How did you change the inside pocket?
Personally both of the bags you mentioned look more like handbags / purses than briefcases. Have you looked at Valextra? Modern looking and good quality (not cheap though)
Anyone know any sellers on ebay other than nick1974selling that sells nice vintage briefcases?
Anyone ever find this? I don't get OWN.
Anything that's updated more than once every month or two?
Looks nice to me. If you're happy, rock it out. Maybe you'll find you don't need to buy a more expensive one.
You need some conductive thread:
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