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Old thread...but I thought I would update it for others that are searching out a good looking pair of certified work boots. http://www.daytonboots.com/product/64-workboot/
http://www.ssense.com/men/product/april77/shipwreck_peacoat/21463 retails for $100
Drop from $300 to $250
BNWT Barbour jackets These are over-stock, not factory seconds. See the Barbour site for measurements. BEDALE Size 32 (S) Navy BEAUFORT Size 30 (XS) Sage (green) SPEY Size 38-40 (M) Sage (green) NORTHUMBIA Size 30 (XS) Brown GAMEFAIR Size 30 (XS) Sage (green)
Can you add/send more pics of the striped shirt?
Is that the recommended price? Can I recommend $160?
These were purchased from the wardrobe department of a film studio. They have writing on the tag to indicate which scene, actor, etc. However, these do not appear to have been actually used. If they were used, it was very briefly. All are size small except the two at the bottom (blue on blue, solid maroon). There is one Boss t-shirt. It's a tagged a medium, but I would say that it fits like a large. It's extremely soft. Again, although it...
Route 66 is the Kmart store brand. No? Are Kmart boots really worth $150 + $50 shipping?
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Are those FH black? They look blue in the pics.
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