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Zara jacket, J. Crew cable knit and green crewneck sweater sold
Quote: Originally Posted by lacunae123 Could you post waist, thigh, and leg opening measurements for the Uniqlos? Waist w/ dip - 17.5" Thigh - 12.25" Leg Opening - 8.25"
Quote: Originally Posted by gm1 Can you give measurements on the J Crew shawl collar and the white cable knit? Thanks. Sure, p2p on the shawl collar is 21.5", length is just under 27" from the shoulder seam at the collar. The cable knit is 22" p2p and 26" in length.
I'm a big fan of the J. Crew slim fit chino. I've got them in a bluish slate grey and light grey, as well as the brown Bowrey cords that are the same fit. You can get them pretty cheap in sales too
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Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 from what I have seen the J Crew Indy is the same as the 403 Indy as far as leather goes. Only difference really is the stitching around the heel area on the J Crew boot...and maybe a slight difference in welt color. OK thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the J. Crew 405's compare in color to the 403 Chromexcel? I don't like the color of the "regular" 405, it's a little light for my taste. I was going to get the J. Crew version because it's nice and dark then saw some 403's for sale in B&S and they actually look pretty similar in color to the J. Crew 405. Is there really not much of a difference, or are the pictures deceiving me?
bump, price drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jayb106 Can we get measurements and sizing on the morphine generation vest? Thanks Sure, p2p is 19.5" and length is just under 28". It's a Medium but feels a little tighter than that
Can anyone tell me what size I would probably be in Alden Indys if I wear 1.) 11 in Iron Rangers and Clarks Desert Boots 2.) 12.5-13 in dress shoes and sneakers?
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