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First pic here
Quote: Originally Posted by augustskies Weren't these being sold at B&M locations for $15-$20 a pair? I thought those were the regular non-selvedge 13oz. 501. I picked up a pair for $20 about a week ago.
^My problem was finding a store that carried them in store, had my size, and had a decent coupon. No one around me ever had them in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by vvoc those look really nice...ya the beeswax are def the best style in my opinion...where is the cheapest place to buy a pair currently?? (i have a pair of banana republic bees wax desert boots, but they are a size too big sadly...selling it in B/S section) I paid retail for them at a Clarks store, from what I've read you basically have to get lucky to get them cheap. I think one of the ways to save on them...
Those Diesels are so fake it hurts my brain
Got these boots in Beeswax a couple weeks ago and I must say I like them quite a lot. They start to gain character pretty quickly.
After my first soak, my new Flat Head S5001 have a big streak down the whole right thigh that's noticeably lighter than the rest of the jeans (you can see it from several feet away) and 2 spots near the crotch that are the same sort of thing, but roundish. Is this some kind of defect in the dyeing? The two by the crotch aren't really noticeable when I'm wearing them because my shirt is around there but the one on the thigh is bad enough that a friend asked if I spilled...
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