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It's the "I'm sorry that coupon is online only" thing, just happened recently when they had the 30% off final sale that was online only. Normally the price matching part doesn't matter because almost all the stuff that goes on regular/final sale is significantly cheaper in the store anyway.
^you have to catch the right person to do that, I've tried at a couple J. Crew stores near me and only one of them has done that, and only one person there has done it for me.
^me too, if anyone's feeling generous. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by zach9 does anyone have the broken in urban slim fit chino? Do they run true to size? I find I have to size up one for them to fit properly, but I also have really thick legs. Normally I'm a 34/32 and a 35/32 fits perfectly
bump, added a J. Crew v-neck and Bowery cords
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 you look east european lol I will break you
It runs like all their hoodies run
Very nice fit tooshay Cross-posted from WAYWT, since I haven't seen any pics or info of these on here. Strike Gold SG1101. They have maybe a 45 wears on them. The only other pair I have experience with to compare them too is the F310, and these aren't quite as slim all the way through as those. The denim is really fantastic, it gets pretty hairy after the first soak, which I like
Ralph Lauren Strike Gold Alden 405
prices dropped
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