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Quote: Originally Posted by imposter2012 Ok, so I finally got to try on the pair of essential chinos in urban slim and they were horrible. I ordered the proper sizes, but they ended up being way too wide (even for slim fit) and too long. I'm never ordering essential chinos again. I've gone through different two pairs and ended/will end up returning them. Fail The essential chinos blow. Get the broken in
Quote: Originally Posted by Bond111 @JoeRogan I got that deck jacket last year when it was initially released. I wanna say that it went from being a misprint in the catalog at $98 to being shown on the website for $118. They honored the $98 price. Crazy to see how much it is now. I guess a lot of orders went through at the cheaper price, so they had to jack up the price more on it. Anyways, I love the jacket a lot. It's soft and warm like a...
Prices dropped
Just picked up a pair of Dockers D1 at Macys for $33 and I'm really happy with the fit. I'd say they're great for anyone who wants a slim fit khaki without a tapering leg. Also the Refuge Green color is fucking awesome but Macys didn't seem to have it in the D1 cut. Has anyone seen it around?
Saw the Indigo Deck Jacket in store and really really liked it. Seems like the perfect weight for spring, at least if it's not raining out
Added 2 brand new Burberry coats and a J. Crew coat, took measurements for all outerwear, updated sold stuff, and generally made the thread way more awesome
Bump, added Drykorn, Andrew Marc, and Tasso Elba coats, Levis for J. Crew 501 and grey 501 STF and J. Crew classic fit chinos
Finally got a pair of these that fit (3rd try) and they're fantastic. I used to wear Clarks DB's and was going to go up to an Iron Ranger from those, but decided to try the J. Crew Alden 405 because I like the color a lot more than the standard 405 and they're fucking amazing. Fit and finish is way beyond the Iron Rangers (maybe they just feel more refined). I'd say they're well worth the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture They have new arrivals in the factory store too. Can someone explain the factory store to me? Why aren't those items on the main site? Are they lower quality or something? My J. Crew shirts collection is probably 70/30 main/factory and I don't really notice a difference quality-wise. I also have 2 or 3 sweaters from the factory store, and they aren't any different from the regular J. Crew ones (in...
Zara jacket, J. Crew cable knit and green crewneck sweater sold
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