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Drykorn for Beautiful People Sydney coat size 50(EU) would probably fit a 40-42. This is a really great coat, the fit and quality are top notch and it's perfect for any occasion. Went for $750, I'm asking $350 shipped in the US. Marc New York by Andrew Marc brown leather jacket, size Medium. Fully lined jacket that's very soft with a great broken in look. Bought for $380 at Nordstrom, I'm asking $150
Bump! bigger price drops than usual, I want this stuff gone!
Clarks sold, ton of new stuff added. Probably the last additions to the thread
The only way you're ever going to know your size for sure is to get to a Clarks store and try some boots on. If you don't have a store easily available go to zappos and order like 3 pairs, one in your size, one in a half size smaller, and one in a full size smaller. Then just send them back and you won't be out any money. That being said, almost everyone will need a half size smaller than their standard shoe size. I actually had to go down a size and a half (12.5 -> 11)....
Shameless self plug here, if anyone's interested I'm selling a pair of size 11 Beeswax DB's here
Added 2 sweaters and a pair of Clarks Beeswax DB's, plus updated sold stuff
Price drops on everything, big one on the Hugo Boss coat
Solid black
The jacket is a dark olive green, the color is called Surplus Edit: jacket and one sweater are sold
Christmas bump, prices dropped
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