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Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Love that coat, JR. Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent +1 Thanks both, it's pretty much my go-to winter coat
Today: J. Crew Levis 501 Alden 405 Drykorn coat
Looking for what the title says. Dior Homme 21cm MIJ size 34, in new or lightly worn condition. PM me with a price and pics if you've got some
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly jcrew doent carry 27 ah that sucks. And is odd
Quote: Originally Posted by evilbananas Very disappointed with J Crew right now. I buy the essential chinos for works pants. I always buy size 28 because the actual waist is 29". I just received a large order today, and all the size 28's had a 30" waist. I now have to find another way to get slim pants for work. Thanks J Crew. I don't get it, why dont you try a 27?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Seriously? That's some cut rate pricing right there. Yeah he's this old Italian guy who just runs a tailor/dry cleaning business out of his house. The first time I was there I was pretty scared to leave my clothes with him but he does decent quality work. He just does a couple things that he can turn over quickly though, if I need some real tailoring done I need to go somewhere else
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 Can someone give me some suggestions on these two chinos that I tried-on in a retail today. first one is the graphite urban slim fit size 34x34 Attachment 59790 the other is the Stanton classic fit size 34x34 Attachment 59791 I personally like the urban slim better. what do you guys think? I've tried both and I just find the classic fit to be a fucking weird cut, it literally fits me nowhere at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Guys, get this through your heads, if you want a slim fit in the body, you're going to have to spend $15-20 at the tailor to have it done. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Every shirt from JCrew will have to be tailored to be slim in the body. Period. Honestly $15-20 is grossly overpaying. My tailor will do mine for $5 a shirt if I bring in 3 or 4 a time
Intro to Electricity and Electronics. It was easy as shit and I got an A, but it was so basic that I was falling asleep almost every class
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus How do you guys feel when you see a stranger wearing the same shirt as you? I feel pretty weird, like your identity was taken or something. It was only awkward for me when I walked past this dude who was wearing the same shirt as me except in an XXL. Then it was like I was looking at my identity after it had quit working out and started eating pizza and ice cream for every meal
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