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Looking for what the title says. Dior Homme 21cm MIJ size 34, in new or lightly worn condition. PM me with a price and pics if you've got some
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly jcrew doent carry 27 ah that sucks. And is odd
Quote: Originally Posted by evilbananas Very disappointed with J Crew right now. I buy the essential chinos for works pants. I always buy size 28 because the actual waist is 29". I just received a large order today, and all the size 28's had a 30" waist. I now have to find another way to get slim pants for work. Thanks J Crew. I don't get it, why dont you try a 27?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Seriously? That's some cut rate pricing right there. Yeah he's this old Italian guy who just runs a tailor/dry cleaning business out of his house. The first time I was there I was pretty scared to leave my clothes with him but he does decent quality work. He just does a couple things that he can turn over quickly though, if I need some real tailoring done I need to go somewhere else
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 Can someone give me some suggestions on these two chinos that I tried-on in a retail today. first one is the graphite urban slim fit size 34x34 Attachment 59790 the other is the Stanton classic fit size 34x34 Attachment 59791 I personally like the urban slim better. what do you guys think? I've tried both and I just find the classic fit to be a fucking weird cut, it literally fits me nowhere at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Guys, get this through your heads, if you want a slim fit in the body, you're going to have to spend $15-20 at the tailor to have it done. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Every shirt from JCrew will have to be tailored to be slim in the body. Period. Honestly $15-20 is grossly overpaying. My tailor will do mine for $5 a shirt if I bring in 3 or 4 a time
Intro to Electricity and Electronics. It was easy as shit and I got an A, but it was so basic that I was falling asleep almost every class
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus How do you guys feel when you see a stranger wearing the same shirt as you? I feel pretty weird, like your identity was taken or something. It was only awkward for me when I walked past this dude who was wearing the same shirt as me except in an XXL. Then it was like I was looking at my identity after it had quit working out and started eating pizza and ice cream for every meal
It's the "I'm sorry that coupon is online only" thing, just happened recently when they had the 30% off final sale that was online only. Normally the price matching part doesn't matter because almost all the stuff that goes on regular/final sale is significantly cheaper in the store anyway.
^you have to catch the right person to do that, I've tried at a couple J. Crew stores near me and only one of them has done that, and only one person there has done it for me.
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