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bump, added a J. Crew v-neck and Bowery cords
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 you look east european lol I will break you
It runs like all their hoodies run
Very nice fit tooshay Cross-posted from WAYWT, since I haven't seen any pics or info of these on here. Strike Gold SG1101. They have maybe a 45 wears on them. The only other pair I have experience with to compare them too is the F310, and these aren't quite as slim all the way through as those. The denim is really fantastic, it gets pretty hairy after the first soak, which I like
Ralph Lauren Strike Gold Alden 405
prices dropped
Quote: Originally Posted by imposter2012 Ok, so I finally got to try on the pair of essential chinos in urban slim and they were horrible. I ordered the proper sizes, but they ended up being way too wide (even for slim fit) and too long. I'm never ordering essential chinos again. I've gone through different two pairs and ended/will end up returning them. Fail The essential chinos blow. Get the broken in
Quote: Originally Posted by Bond111 @JoeRogan I got that deck jacket last year when it was initially released. I wanna say that it went from being a misprint in the catalog at $98 to being shown on the website for $118. They honored the $98 price. Crazy to see how much it is now. I guess a lot of orders went through at the cheaper price, so they had to jack up the price more on it. Anyways, I love the jacket a lot. It's soft and warm like a...
Prices dropped
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