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Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 from what I have seen the J Crew Indy is the same as the 403 Indy as far as leather goes. Only difference really is the stitching around the heel area on the J Crew boot...and maybe a slight difference in welt color. OK thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the J. Crew 405's compare in color to the 403 Chromexcel? I don't like the color of the "regular" 405, it's a little light for my taste. I was going to get the J. Crew version because it's nice and dark then saw some 403's for sale in B&S and they actually look pretty similar in color to the J. Crew 405. Is there really not much of a difference, or are the pictures deceiving me?
bump, price drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jayb106 Can we get measurements and sizing on the morphine generation vest? Thanks Sure, p2p is 19.5" and length is just under 28". It's a Medium but feels a little tighter than that
Can anyone tell me what size I would probably be in Alden Indys if I wear 1.) 11 in Iron Rangers and Clarks Desert Boots 2.) 12.5-13 in dress shoes and sneakers?
Price drops and sutherland trench sold
Drykorn for Beautiful People Sydney coat size 50(EU) would probably fit a 40-42. This is a really great coat, the fit and quality are top notch and it's perfect for any occasion. Went for $750, I'm asking $350 shipped in the US. Marc New York by Andrew Marc brown leather jacket, size Medium. Fully lined jacket that's very soft with a great broken in look. Bought for $380 at Nordstrom, I'm asking $150
Bump! bigger price drops than usual, I want this stuff gone!
Clarks sold, ton of new stuff added. Probably the last additions to the thread
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