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They probably didn't bother because they know their sale section is a joke. I think it's like 75% XL t-shirts
Prices in the store on their sale items are generally about 20% cheaper than online on a lot of pieces, and that's before their 30% discount. Whenever the 30% off sale in-store comes around I'm always able to get at least one shirt for $12-$14, and there's always at least 2 different jean cuts for the same. It's a really good deal if you can grab stuff in your size
The second suit is an Emmanuel Ungaro, size 40L, that I've had for a while but have only worn maybe three times. It's 100% wool, dark navy, three button, with pleated pants. This I'm selling just to clear out some space in the closet. I believe I paid about $450 for it, asking $120 >$99 shipped. Pics and measurements are below, let me know if you have any questions. 1st pic below best represents color Measurements: Jacket Length - 34" (from shoulder seam at the collar...
My .02 would be to contact the Hanover PD and file a report. There's not really any reason I can see not to, and they will take the claim seriously.
Quote: Originally Posted by about11oclock Hey J crew experts. I'm searching for leather care products on j crew site to care for my alden indys, but im terrible with their search function. Can anyone help? Buy some Snoseal for weather protection. You don't need anything more than that
bump, price drops
shit that's a fantastic deal
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren I didn't think the 20% off worked for Aldens? The one time 20% coupons do. No other coupons or the 20% off your first J. Crew card order work.
J. Crew is the only place you can use a 20% off coupon on these. You won't beat $360 for a new pair of Alden Indy's.
Quote: Originally Posted by lummers13 I got my Indy 403's, and they came with a brown, generic J.Crew box BUT they did come with shoe bags. Must be a hit or miss thing...? I've bought 4 pairs (different sizes) and found that one of them came with shoe bags (can't remember if they said Alden or J. Crew on them) and none of them came in an actual Alden box. Unfortunately it wasn't a pair I kept, so when the pair I did keep didn't come with bags...
New Posts  All Forums: