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Saw the Indigo Deck Jacket in store and really really liked it. Seems like the perfect weight for spring, at least if it's not raining out
Added 2 brand new Burberry coats and a J. Crew coat, took measurements for all outerwear, updated sold stuff, and generally made the thread way more awesome
Bump, added Drykorn, Andrew Marc, and Tasso Elba coats, Levis for J. Crew 501 and grey 501 STF and J. Crew classic fit chinos
Finally got a pair of these that fit (3rd try) and they're fantastic. I used to wear Clarks DB's and was going to go up to an Iron Ranger from those, but decided to try the J. Crew Alden 405 because I like the color a lot more than the standard 405 and they're fucking amazing. Fit and finish is way beyond the Iron Rangers (maybe they just feel more refined). I'd say they're well worth the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture They have new arrivals in the factory store too. Can someone explain the factory store to me? Why aren't those items on the main site? Are they lower quality or something? My J. Crew shirts collection is probably 70/30 main/factory and I don't really notice a difference quality-wise. I also have 2 or 3 sweaters from the factory store, and they aren't any different from the regular J. Crew ones (in...
Zara jacket, J. Crew cable knit and green crewneck sweater sold
Quote: Originally Posted by lacunae123 Could you post waist, thigh, and leg opening measurements for the Uniqlos? Waist w/ dip - 17.5" Thigh - 12.25" Leg Opening - 8.25"
Quote: Originally Posted by gm1 Can you give measurements on the J Crew shawl collar and the white cable knit? Thanks. Sure, p2p on the shawl collar is 21.5", length is just under 27" from the shoulder seam at the collar. The cable knit is 22" p2p and 26" in length.
I'm a big fan of the J. Crew slim fit chino. I've got them in a bluish slate grey and light grey, as well as the brown Bowrey cords that are the same fit. You can get them pretty cheap in sales too
New stuff added
New Posts  All Forums: