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Yes but as I wrote while complimenting the cigars , the sale to ME would not be legal.
As a cigar smoker for decades who regularly travels abroad, the prices seem good. However, since I'm in the U.S. the sale of these to me would not be legal.
Seems like more of an "Other" item to me.
I am wondering if anyone has received any products from this seller. I was very interested but noted his profile says he only joined in January.
Is there a temple length/size listed. I've never owned wraparounds but the temples on my regular glasses have always had a size, e.g. 145. Thanks, great frames and price.
Never having owned Loakes, can anyone fill me in on whether these might be equivalent to a normal US 11? Thanks.
Can someone tell me the specifics of placing an order? I just want to buy a simple small zip wallet and need to confirm price and PayPal address. I e-mailed but haven't received a reply. Thanks.
Sent a P.M. on sizing.
I purchased a pair of black Tricker's from whusurdadi's recent sale: These are great shoes but they are too small for me. I wear a US 11 and think they are probably a half-size too small. In other UK shoes such as Sargent or Cheaney I am either a 10 or a 10.5. In Aldens I am an eleven. I am willing to let these go for $115 which is less that I paid. Thanks.
I received my pair of Tricker's in black 10.5. They are great shoes and a real bargain. Unfortunately, I'm finding the 10.5 to be too small for my normally size 11 US feet. I would need an 11 and there are none for sale. I would be happy to sell my 10.5s-I see there are no more listed here-if anyone is interested. Thanks.
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