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Very soft double gauze shirt from 45rpm North Marine Drive. Fabric is very cool, one gauze layer is plaid blue-green-yellow, but the bottom layer is solid blue which shows through a tiny bit. Fits a slim M. s-s: 17 p-p: 20 sleeve: 24 length: 28.5 9/10 condition, no issues. $75 > $65 shipped CONUS, others inquire
Sooooo soft, super comfy western shirt from one of 45rpm's lines. Fits a slim M. s-s: 17.5 p-p: 20 sleeve: 24 length: 28 8/10 condition due to slight discoloration around collar fold (see pics), no other issues. $75 > $65 shipped CONUS, others inquire Buy both 45rpm shirts I have listed for $110 (other is here: http://www.styleforum.net/classifieds/listing/edit/classified_id/37511/forum_id/6875)
http://www.ironheart.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=168 My measurements: s-s: 17 p-p: 21.25 sleeve: 24.5 length: 27.5 9/10 condition, no issues. $120 shipped CONUS, others inquire SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
Tide, Gain, All, Fab, Cheer, Swag
My friend saw one of those guys and said "that guy is really annoying." Then my friend's brother looked really upset, and said "J..., stop giving him attention, that's what he wants!"
All these shirts are good for a slim M or someone between a S and a M. All worn but in good condition, no issues. Always hang-dried. Feel free to contact me for exact measurements. Prices include shipping CONUS. Generous deals for multiple items!Iron Heart Winter Flannel, Snap Buttons, tagged M - $120s-s: 17.5p-p: 21sleeve: 25length: 28.545RPM Umii 908, Thick Organic Cotton, tagged size 3 - $100s-s: 17.75p-p: 20.5sleeve: 24.5length: 28APC Madras Large Check, tagged M - $25...
Yigal Azrouel DRKSHDW DBSS
BoO sold. Drops on remaining items!
I'm thinking pretty seriously about a cream MDR. I don't have any light colored outerwear, it's the only hole in my wardrobe right now. Drew, what jacket do you think would look the best with the cream lamb?
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