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Black Friday drop, now $100!
i didn't know what poutine was so i did a google image search and got the most disgusting results ever
Price Drop to $110. Don't be scared by the measurements, this will look perfect on a true S!
This sounds like when Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion
There's a store you might like, it's called The Gap
I both own a TOJ peacoat and have lived through hardcore Scandinavian winters, and I can attest that the TOJ will work for you. It's made from great thick wool. If you've ever handled one of A.P.C.'s serious winter-season wool coats, the TOJ is about on that level, maybe even a little thicker (and nicer feel to the fabric too). Definitely get the quilted lining for cold climate.
yup, i got it on deep discount and i'm discounting further. buy now!
SNS Herning Naval Hoodie Navy/Cream Stripe - $80 8.5/10 Condition - some wear and has stretched a tiny bit, but still fits very slim for a M. No major issues. Bought it new, I've worn it 5-10 times. $80 shipped CONUS! s-s: 16.5" p-p: 19" sleeve: 24.5" length: 26" Band of Outsiders Polo - $50 Blue/Yellow stripe. Size 2. Some wear on collar, 8/10 condition, no major issues. Fits a slim M. Diet Butcher Slim Skin Purple Sneakers - $100 Marked UK9 but fit more...
Pilly jacquard fabric, corduroy inside placket, fabric covered buttons, grommeted vent holes around armpits, SO MANY DETAILS! SO AWESOME! You should buy this. Marked L, but definitely fits M and a slim M at that. Inquire for measurements. $150 shipped CONUS.
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