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Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren Epaulet APC Thorogood x Epaulet This stuff fits well and looks good on you. Also, 80° weather in January is awesome
my own potent musk
Spectacles for Humans is awesome but doesn't take insurance. I think City Optix carries Mykita? They do VSP. Also ProSpectacles down in Palo Alto/Stanford Shopping Center used to have a pretty good selection and did VSP, although last time I went in it was more ic Berlin stuff.
bought twice from this thread now, bump for all the new stuff
North Marine Drive Iron Heart Mark VII
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Okay, so that's one vote for do not rinse the pasta. You never worry about residual heat carrying over and continuing to cook your pasta? Residual heat isn't a big issue, and in fact it's kind of a good thing because temperature is really important in serving pasta. Ideal conditions for me mean that I warm bowls in the oven while the pasta is cooking, and have a colander ready to go in the sink and the...
Go to Supercuts and ask for "The David Foster Wallace"
I'm in
Buy a used BMW
Last drop before I ebay or keep.
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