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Drop on KMWs!
Drop and added KMW
all gone or kept, thanks SF!
Quote: Originally Posted by G0079 That haircut is looking great, man. I was in the minority and dug the crazy ass braids when you had them in for a little while there though. Haha thanks man. Yeah it was time for the hair to go, I'm job-hunting and sadly, a big red afro doesn't scream employability ctrlaltelite, I love the little bit of color from the shirt, looks good
Quote: Originally Posted by colabear maybe in the distant future when our technology is advanced enough that it will enable us to work at home, we can just wear layers of knits similar to what syntheses is wearing. perhaps made of recycled fibers or advanced man made materials that will conform with the body's temperature and allow it to feel warmth when it's cold and vice versa. i like this a lot. where 2 kop thermodynamic future-knits?
SNS, Buzz Rickson KMW 1980 Dries
Final drops before other avenues of sale
the pants kind of look like they are saying " "
Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus Too bad the OC coat is in black! Won't hesitate a second if it is in navy. Thanks, yeah it's a nice cut and the buttons add really great texture to it. And, I just dropped the price! (and the prices on the other stuff too)
Flat heads sold, and drops!
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