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It'll be out in 3 years, with a picture of Drew wearing an electric blue MDR with his arms crossed and standing in front of a Pacojet and an antigriddle. Charly will be to the side, tweezing candied yuzu garnish onto the poached whitefish. There will be a forward by Jeffrey Steingarten about how Drew found inspiration working with custom leather
Neighborhood suede jacket from Mr. Porter, $100, no bids, 2 days left! Free shipping for SF members, just PM me when you bid
Lightweight summer chinos, hemmed to 28.5" inseam by the 45rpm store. $75 shipped CONUS, others inquire. Measurements: Waist: 16" Rise: 11.5" Inseam: 28.5" Thigh: 11.75" Hem: 8.75"
Cool rolled-hem long sleeve basic tee from number (n)ine. $75 shipped CONUS, others inquire. Measurements: Shoulder-shoulder: 18" Pit-pit: 21" Length: 25.5" Sleeve: 26"
Gray very lightweight cotton vest from Raf Simons main line. Tagged 50 but fits way smaller, more like a 48 or even 46. $50 shipped CONUS, others inquire. Measurements: Shoulder to Shoulder: 12" Pit to Pit: 16" Length: 23.5"
(taken during a blackout)
Hey, PM'd you a couple days ago, I'll take these if they're still available
This times 1,000,000. Even if you've already tried negotiating, just phrase it like this: "I can't afford to take a pay cut, because (1) it will be problematic in advancing my career and (2) the cost of living in Silicon Valley is much higher. Therefore, I can't accept this job offer unless my salary is at least what I make currently." You would be entirely reasonable to say this, plus you have absolutely nothing to lose by saying it, and potentially $10K a year to gain.
Used Richard to proxy items from the COS sale - couldn't have been easier, thanks!
I've got an OG now-discontinued TOJ duffle in olive size M that I'm looking to trade. It's in great condition, since I'm in California and I only get to wear it a few days a year. Some things I might want (but I'm open to other outerwear): - TOJ Chesterfield - TOJ Leathers size 50 (might be willing to add some cash), or especially TOJ Suede - Krane outerwear - Engineered Garments, any outerwear with a print (really liked some of the old florals) - R by 45rpm...
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