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Hey, PM'd you a couple days ago, I'll take these if they're still available
This times 1,000,000. Even if you've already tried negotiating, just phrase it like this: "I can't afford to take a pay cut, because (1) it will be problematic in advancing my career and (2) the cost of living in Silicon Valley is much higher. Therefore, I can't accept this job offer unless my salary is at least what I make currently." You would be entirely reasonable to say this, plus you have absolutely nothing to lose by saying it, and potentially $10K a year to gain.
Used Richard to proxy items from the COS sale - couldn't have been easier, thanks!
I've got an OG now-discontinued TOJ duffle in olive size M that I'm looking to trade. It's in great condition, since I'm in California and I only get to wear it a few days a year. Some things I might want (but I'm open to other outerwear): - TOJ Chesterfield - TOJ Leathers size 50 (might be willing to add some cash), or especially TOJ Suede - Krane outerwear - Engineered Garments, any outerwear with a print (really liked some of the old florals) - R by 45rpm...
Was also posted in Sales Alert, but La Garconne has a few Yohji items (tees, shoes, shirts, and I think a jacket or two) on sale at 50% off, plus an extra 20% until midnight with the code LGAPRIL20
This: http://www.mrporter.com/product/324410 Lightly worn, some very light wear on collar (pictured) but otherwise pristine. Beautiful black suede jacket that just doesn't fit into my style, and I'm looking to buy some other things, so sadly it has to go. Measurements are accurate. $275 shipped CONUS, others inquire.
This has probably been observed before, but the LN-CC women's model is a treasure
Thanks for posting sipang, and cool to see the women's along with the men's. The motifs remind me of that Schneider AW12 rugs collection but with a different color palette. Can't wait to see this in stores and see the textures. Even the tee looks amazing.
One more drop, now $129!
that really looks fine to me. you sure you want to sell this?
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