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Stephan Schneider Knit, I think it might be from SS11 but I'm not sure. Bought from Project No 8. Worn pretty sparingly so it's in great shape (see pics) - I have a lot of knits and I'm trying to cut down. Color is grey/black. Size VI (L), fits true. $95 > $75 shipped CONUS, +$10 Canada, +$15 elsewhere.
Lazy Bear food at its best is really outstanding, but beware of the communal seating. I went there with the lady and we sat next to basically the worst people in the world (one of the major themes of the evening was trying to figure out whether or not Mike had gone to Harvard, another was San Francisco restaurants they had been to that were better than Lazy Bear). If you go, bring your own friends.
That's really impressive. Getting excited about this
MC and SW&D are the yin and yang of SF; MC is necessary. If MC were to ever shut down, SW&D demons would crawl from the hole it left and take over the Earth wearing drop-crotch pants and geobaskets. Japanese post-apocalyptic junkyard indeed.
Well hey, you can't go wrongFWIW I vote Black MDR. My first TOJ was a black QDR and I have no regrets, black leather with classic biker styling is soooooo easy to wear. For your first jacket, it should be something you love to wear often
Ordered! Blue lamb double needle diamond BCDR. So stoked about this one
Speak for yourself, my liquidation ad is hot fire. I am going through pain for one final leather
That's sort of how I feel too, I'm just worried that it overlaps too much with my QDR. I think the color would make it different enough though - maybe a BCDR with no quilting would be the way to go. Also on the plus side, I'd know exactly how to size the BCDR so I wouldn't be rolling the dice there
So I'm thinking of one final TOJ. I own a black QDR, a grey peacoat, and an olive duffle. Torn between a sky blue suede T-1 and a dark blue leather, maybe a moto or a BCDR. Any opinions?
Breaking news: TOJ is going to happen, but I'm leaving this thread up anyway since I could stand to clear out some clothes. Very little remains from original thread, so I'm dropping everything!I want one more TOJ before they shutter their doors. To help me fund it, I'm selling some items from my closet that I don't wear as much as I'd like. Seriously, I want to sell this stuff quick so don't be shy about making me an offer (hint: I'm very likely to accept if you can pay...
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