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Someone should really buy the Ervell jeans and the 45rpm (North Marine Drive) shirt, they are the two pieces here I really wish still fit me
Wait until it's finished and perfect. Before you shop it around, I'd pay your local MFA student for a critique, and if you can afford one, an edit. If it's a halfway decent program, they'll know enough to get the job done.
From the Yohji Runway
Re: the no deleting threads rule: why not just change the privileges within the B&S subforum so that users can't delete threads?
Pants [[SPOILER]] Shirts [[SPOILER]] Other [[SPOILER]]
EDIT: All sold, donated, or keeping for now. Thanks! I started going to the gym and bulked up so some of my old clothes don't fit. I want to get rid of this stuff so feel free to make me offers! Inquire for measurements, either in-thread or PM me. All are worn but in good condition, no issues unless otherwise indicated. I always hang-dried everything you see here. Free shipping to CONUS, add $10 to Canada, ask about elsewhere. Pics below. Pants 1- Patrik Ervell black...
bad lighting but you can see the fit better
Haha yeah man it fits great, thanks. I also like how the grey gives a little contrast to the black trim. I'll try and get some more fit pics up soon
Got my peacoat today. Was a little worried about the dark grey/black combo looking meh, but I think it works
x-post from WAYWT but this is my first fit pic of the Walt Cramerton's I got awhile back. They fit great. I'm 5'10" ~160 and these are sz. 33, taken out just a touch
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