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get APCs like everyone else in the entire world
Price drop to $150
yohji is not about whether people realize you're wearing yohji
OK, I've got a shirt contest entry. Took this by accident while preening for the actual shot.
Bought from Blue Owl, hemmed to a 33" inseam. I thought for sure they would fit me but they didn't, so selling at a loss! These are really great looking. Would also trade for a size 36. $170 > $150 shipped CONUS\bin\shop.prodt.detail&SKU=7962001
Everybody in B&S describing their lame diffusion-line poly-blend blazer or whatever as a "grail piece." If it's such a grail piece then DON'T F***ING SELL IT
Someone should really buy the Ervell jeans and the 45rpm (North Marine Drive) shirt, they are the two pieces here I really wish still fit me
Wait until it's finished and perfect. Before you shop it around, I'd pay your local MFA student for a critique, and if you can afford one, an edit. If it's a halfway decent program, they'll know enough to get the job done.
From the Yohji Runway
Re: the no deleting threads rule: why not just change the privileges within the B&S subforum so that users can't delete threads?
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