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From someone who has lived in Scandinavia: are you concerned about rain/snow/ice? Walking around in wet sneakers is no fun for anyone. I'm thinking Danner boots or some other hiking boot might be a better option? They can be found for around $200 on sale. Depends on the range of temperatures you'll be dealing with.
A.P.C. price slashed to $40. Don't sleep!
I was at a crepe place in the mission and I overheard two fresh-out-of-college jackasses at the table next to me bitching about how this girl at work was trying to tell them how to do stuff and they were like "I think I'm gonna do it my way" and apparently the girl got mad so then the guy talking was like "She's just mad cause she's 30 and she hasn't done anything in her life" and I was about to be like "You dickwits, I'm 30 and you don't know a god damn thing about doing...
Some great basics here. All shirts are in great condition, no issues. Always hang-dried, never tumbled. Prices shipped CONUS. Canada add $10, others inquire. Feel free to make offers, especially on multiple items. All shirts fit a slim Medium and are tagged M - they fit as you would expect based on their respective brands. Feel free to contact me for exact measurements on the remaining APC. Thanks for looking! Update: Only one A.P.C. shirt remains! A.P.C. steel blue...
that's why my favorite sandwich is panini
what you want is a gym membership. go ask this on the MMA forumz
Mr. Porter, this thread's default.
Unionmade summer sale was at the very end of June last year IIRC
this thread got hella confusing cause people are posting likes in posts and posts in likes. if you have a post you should post it and if you like something you should like it
get APCs like everyone else in the entire world
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