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Bought these on a lark, but not really my usual style. Very gently worn, see soles. Size 42.5, fit true. $100 shipped CONUS.
Such an awesome hoodie, so comfy. Tagged L but definitely fits a M and a slim M at that. I'm slightly too broad in the shoulders/chest for this one, hence the sale. Check out the details here: Gently worn, no issues. $100 shipped CONUS.
Lightly used, always hang-dried, no issues. Lightweight, great spring/summer shirt. Size V, fits true (I'm 5'10" 160 lbs. and usually wear a size M, this fits me great.) $100 shipped CONUS. Measurements In inches: S-S: 17.5 P-P: 20 Sleeve: 25.25 Length: 27.5
every single time you bump this thread, it reminds me that I slept and missed out on that size 5. someone please just buy all the rest
I don't get why you're looking for someone else. You're totally capable of running TOJ yourself. You're making enough money to survive and turn a decent profit. If you try and dabble in other businesses, it seems like all of them will suffer. If you wish that you could make cooler stuff or buy better material, find an investor and cut a deal you like. I also just worry that what makes TOJ stuff great is that kind of total unwavering commitment to a certain vision - it's...
Sure, but he's only overrated in the same way that Michael Phelps is overrated (to bring the topic full circle). That Tracy Austin essay in Consider the Lobster should be required reading for any sports fan, and in fact has completely changed my perspective on the athlete interview. It really made me appreciate guys like R.A. Dickey and Adonal Foyle, smart athletes who have some perspective on life outside their sport.
damn that's a great price too. wish it were my size
I have a belt like you're describing, purchased from J Crew.
Webstore is up! A little buggy right now but looks pretty decent
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