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Beautiful black wool one-button jacket from Stephan Schneider. Not sure about the season but I think it's either AW11-12 or AW12-13. Sleeves have been professionally shortened 1" (they were pretty long to begin with) so make sure the measurement works for you. Probably fits a true L best, maaaaybe could work for an XL. Condition is pretty good - I've worn it some, but no major issues. I'd give it 8.5/10. 100% wool, nice and thick. Price is $120 shipped CONUS, +$10 to...
Platypus, I just bought that jacket last week from Suspension Point! Love the paring with that shirt/those buttons. Did you get the 48?
I think it was about three weeks after the shutdown was announced, arrived today
I'll probably leave them. I have a black QDR too if I want that different styleThanks man, I asked Charly about double quilt vs. plain, and that was his recommendation. I'm happy with the advice too, was worried it would be to flashy but it turned out great
Really? Thought it looked good when I tried it, maybe a bad angle. And if not, good thing it looks good closed Definitely the right fit through the body though, any smaller and it would hug too tightI'll try and get better pics sometime too
Blue lamb BCDR arrived today, took a quick crappy pic. It's nice. Sleeves are a tad short but it's OK
Cool, that looks like a really nice light fabric weight. I'm in, all paid up! Can't wait for these.
It looks like just the belt loops are elasticized, not the actual waistband (this took me a second to process too)
Still have an olive TOJ duffle, size M. Would trade for a peacoat or other outerwear
Ordered my second post-announcement TOJ, 4-zip black lamb moto. Super stoked you guys haven't shut down yet.
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