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Okay, so I have to tell you guys about a once in a lifetime MOTHER LOAD. While on vacation, I visited the discount store K&G and stumbled across Hickey Freeman on clearance for 3/$30 (aka $10 per piece - included all pants/shirts/sweaters). I ended up raiding this particular K&G of virtually all size 34 (my size). In total, I bought 18 pieces for around $190! The 3/$30 special is now over, but all Hickey Freeman is now on clearance for $14.99 each. I am also told...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy hmm,recently 21 new condition Hermes ties,most recently 5 brand new Brioni suits,but the best ever (and i dont blame you if you wont believe me) was a year ago. a high end store here (harry rosen) donated a truck load of new with tags items most just had some missing buttons and thats it. here is a list that i remember,all were NWT 12 Canali suits 3 canali Tuxes 4 Brioni suits 6 pairs of Cucinelli pants 12 pairs of...
Just a quick question: How much can one typically sell a good condition used Chester Barrie blazer/sportcoat for?
I had a decent run today finding 2 items both in my size. The first item is a Fiume Argyle sweater sz 52 Euro - these are relatively expensive at retail and are pretty good quality. Now the second item is a Mystery Navy NWT Sz 50 Euro De Blasio (?) Pant made in Italy. The construction on these pants are great and it has a really nice weight to it. However, I've never seen or heard of this brand. I did a google search and it came up with no results. ...
Final Drops!
Further Drops and removal of sold items
First Price Drops!
Hey All, So I'm getting rid of some clothes in my household that do not fit either myself or my family members. There are some great items at fantastic deals here. NWT J. Lindeberg Black Casual Jacket Size 52 Euro. This is a fantastic Jacket from J. Lindeberg’s black label (runway line). This is like baseball jacket, but with a lengthier and slimmer cut. The jacket is ribbed on its collar, waist, and cuffs. It is also has a pretty nice weight to it. MSRP is $700 –...
I recently picked up this burgundy Lacoste Wool Zip with a Chevron design. Since I own a fair amount of Lacoste, I'm fairly certain that it is authentic. However, does anyone have any idea as to what year this was released? Thanks.
Jackpot!...I think? I stumbled upon this ladies Louis Vuitton compact zip wallet missing a front snap. The question is whether it is authentic. From my opinion, the stitching/construction is pretty good. In addition, there are some numbers on the inside. Any Louis experts out there?
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