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I don't typically wear short-sleeve button downs. However, I think I'll give this Prada in my size a chance - NA.
-Sorry, not available
N/A - found these two on my way home today - especially happy about the red check one on the right : [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Picked up a pretty cool Oliver Spencer sportshirt recently - NA.
Awesome finds. Harry Rosen must only donate/write off merchandise in Toronto. We never see that stuff out here in B.C.
Always amazed by what ends up in a thrift store.
Hey Guys, Living in a small hippie town in the Pacific North West, I don't really get much of the amazing finds from many other places. That being said, I do sometimes come across some interesting items like this: I never heard of "Operations" before, but upon doing some google research, I found out that it was a high-end mens label similar to Engineered Garments that went bankrupt back in 2010. It also seemed that they had a pretty good reputation according to...
I don't usually make many posts here because everyone else seems to get such amazing thrift finds. However, today I snagged a virtually unused Dolcepunta . Possibly 7 fold? Regardless, I think this may be one of the best constructed ties I have in my collection . [[SPOILER]]
I just purchased a pair NWD of Maurizi Chelsea boots from ebay for $36 best offer. The only reported defect is that one boot strap is torn, which I'm sure should be an easy fix. Once they arrive, I'll provide an update with my opinion of the quality and fit.
Hey Guys, I was in the field earlier today and came across this: I couldn't find any maker tags. Anybody have an idea of what it is and if it's any good?
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