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No taking it the wrong way at all. Honestly, I had no idea what it would fetch. I'll definitely revise my price after a few days.
Stumbled upon something crazy rare today - "Comme des Garcons X JUNYA WATANABE MAN X BROOKS BROTHERS OXFORD SHIRT" . I had no idea this collaboration even existed, but it does. Apparently it was made in 2012 and retailed for $875! Anyways, this is definitely available and I've already listed it in the BST.
Greetings, For sale is this very unique piece in excellent condition - I believe it debuted in 2012 and sold out almost immediately. At the moment I only have the stock photos from END. (Where the asking price was $875.00). I will put up actual photos shortly. I can ship to pretty much anywhere, but at your cost and I only accept paypal for payment. This is a great opportunity to get such a rare piece. Here's the written description from END: Working in...
I don't typically wear short-sleeve button downs. However, I think I'll give this Prada in my size a chance - NA.
-Sorry, not available
N/A - found these two on my way home today - especially happy about the red check one on the right : [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Picked up a pretty cool Oliver Spencer sportshirt recently - NA.
Awesome finds. Harry Rosen must only donate/write off merchandise in Toronto. We never see that stuff out here in B.C.
Always amazed by what ends up in a thrift store.
Hey Guys, Living in a small hippie town in the Pacific North West, I don't really get much of the amazing finds from many other places. That being said, I do sometimes come across some interesting items like this: I never heard of "Operations" before, but upon doing some google research, I found out that it was a high-end mens label similar to Engineered Garments that went bankrupt back in 2010. It also seemed that they had a pretty good reputation according to...
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