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Wish these were my size. Plan on putting in an order for this exact build next week. Mind if I ask how long the order took?
Hi gentlemen, I've been lurking around for a while and have a severe Alden #975 jones. However, I have the unfortunate dilemma of odd-sized feet for which only an 8ee (Barrie last) fits. For such a custom size there is up to a 6 month wait. Anyone else have this affliction and if so are there any options other than a custom order?
Price check on macneil in burgundy shell size 8.5 E.
Please PM for price on cordovan Leeds in Burgundy size 9d and Mctavish dark brown size 9D.
Seattle area, but I travel to the LA and Bay areas occasionally. I am not opposed to ordering online without trying on first and am curious what other shoes are out there that fit in the LWB category in burgundy.
Hi All - I am in the market for LWBs in burgundy and have identified the following suspects: Alden #975, AE Macneil & Meermin. I don't have any Alden locations nearby to try those on (ditto for Meermin) and the AE's didn't work as they were a very sloppy fit in the heel. My budget is $650, what other options are out there? Thanks for your help.
Want to buy gently used Alden Color 8 Long wings in a size 8.5D. Also looking for AE Macneil in shell, size 8.5D. Please pm if you have anything. Many thanks - Z
Anyone bought from Allaboutshoes before?
The link above is no longer working. Anyone know if the SW event is still going on?
Any guesses on whether the 40% discount will apply to two-fer prices? For example, gabardine trousers are $148 ea or two-fer $199. If only applied to singles, the discounted price = $89 vs. the everyday two-fer price of ~$100...nothing to write home about at 11% off. But if applied to the two-fer price, well that's a deal right there.
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