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what colour are the pocket linings on the grifters and do they have the thumb back pockets or plain pockets?
okay sorry i was just about to checkout when i realised that this code does not cover international shipping, will that cost $15 (the price - the usual cost of canada shipping) or $30?, just need to be aware how much i'm spending
sorry but digi denim's galses make him look insanely cool, so he gets my vote. all 3 look better than I do though :/
OK i'm at the checkout now, but would you like me to hold off ordering until you implement that?
gah i can't decide wether to get the APC military pullover or not, guess i can sell it if I don't like it
ahh well seeing as you;ve gone to all this trouble i suppose i'll have to test it out for you, lets see how it handels an international order
mmm well they had some craapy fake selvege ( was a normal folded seam with a piece of selvege stuck on the bottom 2 inches) jeans last time i went in. Most of the time the quality hasn't seemed any better than cheaper places but i'll look again
lol me too i've checked twice now
Quote: Originally Posted by prozach1576 Any word on pricing yet? the $250 range was mentioned as a rough estimate, if it was $250 and sold through denimbar it would be ~200 for us presumably
Some of these have been mentioned but this is some of what makes Britain great for me: Marmite Radio 4 at 8:10 The London Underground Map Ministry (typeface) The Hitchchikers Guide to the Galaxy I'm sorry I havn't a clue
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