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judging by this pic it looks like a YKK zipper to me.
wow this is what the internet is all about, has someone been reading the cluetrain anyway + 1 on the shirts (provided they stylish) altogh as a caveat I think these would sell less well on SUFU ect than they would here, we are a pretty high class bunch for streetwear here ( pprobably because of the "other" forum above us ). I love comme des garcons shirts, but i can't afford the prices Leather Belts with nice looking, minmalist buckels aswell, but really i have most of...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Out of curiosity, what do they run in the USA? I'm always amazed at the prices and the sort of kitschy character Uniqlo has in the US; in Japan, it's an almost ubiquitous presence and not something terribly desirable. There, I'd say the plain tees would be about 1000 yen ($9 or so)... but likewise there you can get the jeans for less than $30 and here they are often twice that. sorry i live in the UK, in...
Uniqlo pima cotton white t-shirts, they feel real nice.
Howies is a British company that makes some very good technical jackets, at Read thier product stoires for an inspiring read.
Quote: Originally Posted by thesternowl "ganked" Now there is a word that brings good memories back and should be used more often in today's lexicon. And it was impeccably well by placed: directly after the word "straight", quite frankly the ONLY word that should precede "ganked" One of my all time favorite phrases...props kronik, props indeed... you should play eve online, plenty of ganking for everyone there
keep the denim bit, kill the streetwear bit, no-one here is into supreme, bape ect
shipping was $10 to the UK on my last order, which is VERY reasonable
the 5 ep used worn washed look phenomenal
Quote: Originally Posted by PeasantLLC international shipping will be free with this coupon for the next 24 hours--I found a glitch. So go for it and take advantage of the free int'l shipping!! order placed the apc pullover with the riri zipper and the horn buttoned henley are miiiine seeing as your being so helpful i wonder if you could mark the package as a gift for customs as well
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