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Well I sent an email, but i never got anything back from them so i let it go, glad to know i wasn;t the only one having trouble
Converse also do a " premium" chuck with a different sole and a much bigger insole aswell, you could try those
I love jack purcells but i have had to stop wearing mine becuse the back seems to rub up my right foot badly and it became pretty sore, the first rule should be get something which is highley comfortable on your foot, which also looks goood, vans authentics and slip ons are what i'm probably going to go for is a good site aswell for tech stuff, as well as the forums ( just never actually buy anything from their horrible shop)
email them
I think this does show how important an ultra cool picture is, i reckon ddml's would be subtantially less awsome if it was one of those terrible mirror shots
I seriously thought I was opening a thread on chocolate biscuits when i clicked this. . I am disappointed
its jeans or natural around here mate (no homo)
adbusters has some good articles and stuff, even if its target audience is primarily 17 year old kids who've read a book by chomsky and now think they're revolutionaries. I If your looking for sweatshop free then my onetruesaxon moccassins were made in portugal so it might be worth cheacking them out:
eternal get a better camera and cou'll be up there for the awards i reckon, very nice fits and colours
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