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in for prices on that black shirt on the right in the second pic , would love the bedofrd but its just a bit too much for me atm
the branding name isn't cool but i like the RAF logo so overall its not bad and the fit is usually pretty good
in the uk? $140 no joke- APC's are cheaper here
Quote: Originally Posted by Wu Dynasty That's not as bad as this: they only had 1 pair of curtains to dress all of them it seems
swear london maybe? -
i shall have proper black tie for my prom (well okay a not great DJ but it fits very well and has the proper pockets and facings and it only cost $20 from the thrift store ). SO some sartorial elegance will at least be observed here in oxford.
its true, not only do they sponsor waywt but they also keep e-mailing me discount codes and vouchers just because i've shopped there before. I've so far received an 11% off voucher, a 15% off voucher and a $25 off $100 voucher this is ridiculously cool, i have my eyes on those EG jeans once they come in my size
they look blue in the picture
this is unreasonably tempting, however i'd only wear it like twice a year
the guy has canelled the sale and was selling the sample hoodies on superfuture, thread can die now
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